Revision went well now home!!

on 6/30/12 12:09 pm - SAN PABLO, CA
 Hey all I am finally home, I had surgery on tuesday June 26th and came home Friday June 29th. Everything went well and I am now recovering. The pain was more intense this time around but I made it through. I am now ready to start winning.. Good luck to those who haven't had surgery yet.
First Meeting with Surgeon:2/10/2011  weight was 460
Surgery Date:5/03/2011  Weight was 428
Revsion To RNY 06/26/2012 Weight 
on 6/30/12 12:13 pm - Danville, PA
Revision on 06/18/12
Welcome home!! I'm really happy that everything went well. Congratulations!!
on 7/1/12 5:19 am - OH
VSG on 10/23/12 with
congratulations, have fun on your new having my revision done on the excited...
Kimberly D.
on 7/18/12 8:37 am - Rockville, MD
 Happy to hear all went well....wishing you best of luck with your recovery:-)
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