on 1/31/13 5:24 am - TX

I am sooo upset I havent lost any weight in 5 days... I am consuming less than I did when I first got out of the hospital 12/27/12cool

on 2/1/13 6:20 am - Vancouver, WA

Remember your body has to take a little time to readjust periodically when you are losing. Plateaus and stalls are just part of the  journey, maybe post this on the RNY forum and see if they can make any suggestions or just ride it out. Your body is going thru major changes.

on 2/2/13 3:31 am

weight loss with the band to RNY revision is much slower.  I had a lot of stalls but just kept focusing on eating and exercising and following my dietary guidelines


you need to eat to lose. if your starving your body you will not lose.




on 2/6/13 10:11 pm

MUCH slower for me too.  I'm on my second or third long plateau and am slowly learning to ride it out.  I'm also in my late forties. A lot of things make weight loss slow down.  BUT, I've lost 82 pounds in 7 months, so that's better than if I did not do the revision.  Also, I seem to look a little healthier than some people I've met who lost it really quickly.  Just something else I've thought about.  Hang in there...truly.  You won't regret having done this.

on 2/7/13 3:12 am - TX

well I did lose another 2 Dad says that losing 1-2 lbs a week is healthy and I won't be as flabby if it is a steady weight loss instead of rapid.  I am officially 6 weeks post op today and now I am able to workout for real instead of just walking.  So everyone in my life keeps saying once I start working out in circuits the weight loss with be more apparent. I have already lost more with my revision than I ever did with just the lapband in 3 years. Protein shakes still pose to be an issue for me, but I manage just to get them down the pipe. 32 lbs down in 6 weeks is not too shabby.  I guess I should stop weighing myself everyday as I am but I have become obsessed really.

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