Band to Sleeve Revision in 10 days

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VSG on 05/28/13

Well I am 10 days from my revision surgery.  Was really interested in knowing what some of your experiences were post surgery.  How was the pain? Did you have much nausea?  Was it worse or easier than the original?  I have only had a couple of surgeries in my life (band, d/c, and gallbladder) and I have always bounced right back (I was shopping in Target he day after my gallbladder).  I am just really nervous and curious what to expect.  Dr. Lee says the most painful spot will be were the removed the that what you all have noticed? 

Thanks for your thought!

Nervous and Excited,



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on 5/19/13 5:40 am - Vancouver, WA

If you haven't posted this on the sleeve board do so as they have MANY revisions from band to sleeve. Good luck to you!

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VSG on 05/28/13
Thanks. I usually post to both boards and most responses tell me to post to the opposite board. I just want people's experiences.


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on 5/20/13 12:02 pm - Davison, MI

My revision was in two surgeries so not at all bad.  Those having it in one report a much rougher time.

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Sandy M.
on 5/21/13 12:03 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

Hi Angie!

I had revision from band to sleeve 2 weeks ago.  I never really had much pain, but I did have two bad days in the hospital with nausea and dry heaving.  They finally listened to me and discontinued the narcotic pain meds, and I felt much better.  I could never be a drug addict, that's for sure!

The incision where the port was is the biggest, and although it is the most painful, it's way less than a bruise would be for me.  One of my incision spots (I have 6) is itching now, so that's the worst part.

I think I had a "happy path" experience, and your recovery depends on a lot of things, like how much scar tissue your band left behind.  I was really tired for about 10 days post surgery - for the first 5 days I took two naps a day, then one a day.  But I can do anything I want to with the exception of lifting more than 20 pounds for a couple of weeks.  The surgeon has me on two Prilosec a day to control acid reflux, which I've heard is also a false indicator of hunger.  I'm not hungry much at all, and I'm getting between 700 and 900 calories a day.  Head hunger is worse - I crave salty stuff one day, sweet stuff the next.  But this too will pass.

Good luck with your surgery, and here's to starting life over again!


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VSG on 05/28/13
Thanks! I don't have issues with narcotics so hopefully non worries there.


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VSG on 03/04/13
I had my revision done in one surgery. This surgery was worse than my 3 band surgeries but it was still doable. I still have acid reflux, I am 2 1/2 postop. I am still having trouble getting down mushies but tolerate protein drinks just fine. I stay around 900 calories a day. I am down 20lbs and are currently at a stand still.

Good Luck

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