Charmaine C.
on 11/4/13 1:05 am - Columbus, OH


Has anyone gone from RYN to Lap Band and have any problem or been successful?


on 11/5/13 4:48 am - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
Revision on 12/18/13
Hello! I'm actually going from a LB to RNY in December. And I don't want to discourage you but I think it's really REALLY important to go into any WLS with your eyes WIDE open - I did NOT do so with the LB and regret it every day I've had this stupid thing. I hardly lost any weight, fought it every day, it's easy to eat around, and gives all kinds of acid reflux, PB's, and vomiting. I am soooo done with that crap.

So, I hope you take this with the intention of making you aware of the downfalls. Do you know that a growing number of doctors and hospitals (the Mayo Clinic for cryin' out loud!) are no longer performing LB surgery because of its high failure rate?

You don't mention WHY you want to revise to a LB? Are you having issues with your RNY? What kind? Not losing weight? Are you using your tool effectively? From what I understand the RNY is the gold standard of WLS - why do you want to go to something less effective?

Bounce anything off of me and I'll respond - not sure I can help per se but will do what I can!



Leslie - Band Revision to RNY - best thing ever!   HW: 234   SW: 222  CW: Ticker  GW: 130

on 11/5/13 9:31 am

I'm going to assume you really mean a BOB---Band Over Bypass. It's where they place a LapBand over your existing RNY pouch. We have a few posters here who've had good success with it, but I have to wonder what happens long-term. Even the manufacturer of the Band says it's not intended to last for more than ten years, so you're pretty much guaranteed another surgery on down the road.

Have you researched having your RNY revised to a DS? That's the most effective revision, long-term, but there are only a few surgeons who can perform it.

on 11/16/13 1:58 am - New York, NY

Hey Charmaine, I am a BOB.  2.5 yrs now.  Read my profile and feel free to ask questions.

on 11/20/13 10:35 pm

please research your decision and read the stories about people's tragic runs with the band. Check out the DS. GOOD LUCK.

on 12/3/13 10:44 am - Collierville, TN

I have been to two different surgeons now one in Michigan and one in Tn and they both recommend that I revise my RNY to add a LAPBAND.  I have been approved by BCBS for this procedure also.  Should I check out a third surgeon for a different outcome???  I am confused.


Please help.



Nic M
on 12/3/13 11:47 am

The Lap Band causes SO much damage. And it guarantees at least one more surgery because it's not considered a "lifetime product." 

You could not pay me enough to ever get a band again. I'm still paying physically for it. And I had it removed over 8 years ago. The damage it causes is indescribable.

on 12/3/13 12:34 pm

Yes 3,4, and 5th. The reason they recommend hob 8sv because they are not skilled enough to do rny to ds revision. Only about 7 or 8 dr in the WORLD are qualified.

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