10 Month Post Op

on 6/13/14 3:53 am - WA
RNY on 08/13/13 with
Today I am 10 months post op since my band removal and revision to RNY. I posted new pics and my monthly blog, so feel free to go there to see my updates. Not much has changed this past month - I lost 2 lbs and .75 inches, for a total loss of 84lbs and 61.25 inches. I'll take it, as I am working to maintain now, not lose any more weight. I typically weigh in at 112, but it didn't happen this morning, so I logged the 113. A girl's gotta stay honest - LOL.
Anyway, I am feeling awesome with where I am at and for those who may be considering a revision and a similar surgery, feel free to friend me, read my blog, look at my pics and PM me with any questions.
Wishing you all as smooth a journey as I have had.

Lapband surgery in 2009 -  Revision to RNY August 13, 2013 with gallbladder removal.

HW - (260)   SW - (197)   GW - (135), updated on 1-2-14 to 125lbs  HT 5'5"  Goal reached 3/2/14-revised goal to 120 on 3/9/14   reached 4/6/14             


Roni W.
on 6/13/14 10:50 am - Forty Fort, PA

Wow, congrats on your amazing success! You must be so proud and happy with yourself, I hope you take the time to enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it!


Roni :)

Roni in PA :)
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