Band over my RNY

on 10/21/14 3:11 pm

I am 4 years out and never lost all my weight. I have been going to a counselor, keeping track of my food intake and met with a dietitian. With all the efforts, I know that part of my difficulty is my busy schedule with lack of exercise. However, I have discussed the possibility of a revision. The surgeon I went to offered a band over my RNY. I am not sure if my insurance will pay for it and I am still considering pros and cons.

Does anyone have any experience, stories or ideas regarding this procedure?

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on 10/22/14 7:22 am - Vancouver, WA

I know some who have had help with a BOB but as a banded person myself I vcan't advise anyone to band your stomach it causes so much damage and can permanently destroy your esophagus.

on 10/22/14 3:13 pm - Davison, MI

We had some here that did well with the Bob  but only a couple and they seem to have firm ideas on who will have some luck with it and why others won't.

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.

on 10/23/14 1:38 pm

Having a band previously I also cannot recommend the band. I am sure you will have the same issues we all have even if it is over your bypass.  Do you really want to go through another surgery when the band fails you long term?   Removing my band and having a Ds was the best decision I have made. Good luck with your decision! 

on 10/26/14 3:09 am - New York, NY

Hey.  I am Heather, I assume I am the person the other 2 refer too :-)  I also know you emailed me. I don't log on very off and OH doesn't send me notifications of emails like it used to back in the day.  Anyhoo. I have the RNY in August 2002 and the BOB in June of 2011. Its bee 3 1/2 years now and I am fine - according to my surgeon as I get an esopogram each 6 mos, but, I know what my future can hold.  The band is a bi&^h and its a diet and a hard one.  Am I glad I had it, yes, but it is a struggle.  Not a daily one like it was the 1st year but still tough.  I do not feel hinger pains like I did with the RNY but I like so many fat people eat when Im not hungry.  I also am a drinker - not an alcholic - but a drinker and wine makes the band looser which allows you to eat more.  FYI, I don't eat and drink together but have wine then dinner make sense?


What I would advise is to have a full ct scan of your abdomen and an endoscopy and see whats what. You said you "stretched a little"  well but stomach stretched A LOT.  If its only a little and your stoma is still entact, I think you should be able to lose more on the RNY.  You admitted to all of us here you don't exercise, well, if you don't exercise you're gonna fail at whatever revision you chose.  I exercise like crazy - I walk the dog 4 mi in the am, walk to and from work (3 mi round trip), I play volleyball 3 nights a week and I also play doge-ball on the 4th. I bike 3-6 miles to and from those games.  Food is key but in some ways exercise is more important.  You need to move your body and I'd be curious to see how much weight you'd lose now if you tried to increase your exercise and log the food, I bet you'd see a change.  

Make sure you "do you" as I always say but I wouldn't have any surgery until you explore any and all possibilities.  Good Luck - Heather

on 10/26/14 5:23 am - Davison, MI

Yes, you are Heather   I too find having wine relaxes and you can eat easier.  That was a big down fall for my as I LOVE wine.

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.

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