re sleeve experiences, drs??

on 11/11/14 5:07 am

hi everyone,

for those of you that had a re sleeve how are you doing?  who did you use?  I need a resleeve my original sleeve was made too large via barium swallaw,  any info would be greatly appreciated.

thanks a bunch


on 11/11/14 6:18 am
VSG on 10/13/14

I used Andrew Hargroder (Baton Rouge, LA).  He is extremely talented and amazing.  He uses the SPIDER laparoscopic surgery system - less scarring and less recovery time.  I had virtually no real pain, less than a week away from work and I can barely see the 3 scars.  He has done over 3000 WLS and as I understand it has now dedicated his practice solely to bariatric patients - oh and he has never lost a patient - that's certainly a plus for me!


Good Luck with your revision!

Phat_Girl_38  / HW: 319 (Pre-op Wt: 292) SW: 282  GW: 165  Surgery Date: 10/13/2014



Cherie K.
on 5/1/16 6:23 pm - Hong Kong

How was your weight loss... slower than first time or about the same pace? I'm about to have re-sleeve this week and am wondering what to expect.  Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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