Revision or New?

Jaime M.
on 1/12/15 9:10 am
RNY on 08/31/15

Hi guys!

Anyone have any experience with revision several years following their initial surgery?  My first surgery was in 2008 (LapBand), which was removed in 2010 due to erosion.  Well now I'm looking into another surgery with a new job and different insurance.  One office told me I'm a brand new surgery because of how long its been since my first surgery.  Second opinion today said I'm a revision due to the scar tissue and how they go about fixing areas of my stomach from where erosion took place.  Just wondering if anyone had experience with this and if/what hoops they might have had to jump through with insurance.  The second opinion office seemed pretty sure they'd be able to get me approved for revision, although I'm not holding my breath of course (and yes I know all insurances are different).


on 1/13/15 8:23 am - Vancouver, WA

I agree with the second office it will be a revision, it doesn't matter how long ago the original surgery was it still affected your body and possibly how the next surgery is done

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