I'm back and miserable

on 12/27/15 1:52 am

I am A weight loss surgery failure! I had vsg almost three years ago and from the beginning only lost 40 of my 100 pounds I was supposed to lose, I've gained more than ten back so I want a revision to bypass. Anyone else has this revision??? I have an information seminar scheduled for January 4 the for both me and my husband. This will be his first surgery he wants ryn which is what I want now! I hope my insurance pays for it, ih have medicare. I guess I'll doing out on the fourth. I want this surgery asap!!!!I can't live like this no more!!!


H.A.L.A B.
on 12/28/15 4:17 am

I wish you luck... But any WLS surgery is a tool only. 

Unless you plan to change your eating habits - the chances are you may swtch one set of problems for another. 

My BF cousin had RNY app 2-3 years ago.  Initially she lost app 100lbs.. Now she is back, and then some to the size she was before WLS.. Plus now she has to deal with low iron, RH, and gaining weight on even smaller qty of food.. . she has not changed her way of eating... 

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on 12/28/15 6:28 am
RNY on 08/13/14

^^ Both of my parents, same story as Hala described.  My dad is back on HBP and Diabetes meds, my mom is back on an insulin needle.  You must change your eating habits to be successful.  Good luck.

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Gail M.
on 12/28/15 3:25 pm - Scranton, PA

I lost 150 lbs and now gained back 75 of it. Unless you change your lifestyle it's a waste.  I'm so depressed and my New Year resolution is to join a gym.  Good luck. 


T Hagalicious Rebel

on 12/30/15 7:56 pm - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

Call your insurance & find out if they'll even cover revisions. Most ins will only pay for 1 wls per lifetime, plus you might have to go thru all the ins hoops again, like a Dr supervised weight loss diet for 6 months or whatever your ins requires, also you might not meet the qualifications for wls, accd to your ticker you have 50lbs to lose, it might be too little, you need to know what your bmi is.

Finally like what everyone else said, unless you change your eating habits,for life, another surgery won't help you. The fact you've lost 40lbs seems to me that your sleeve is working but you've stopped working it. Look back & see what has changed, if you need a revision you might have to pay out of pocket.

No one surgery is better than the other, what works for one may not work for another. T-Rebel


L. 68
on 1/4/16 12:28 pm

Hi T,


Did you have a revision  i had lapband in 2006, January.  yes 10 Years later to date i need a revision because i have horrible acid reflux and i cannot fill the band at all or i will be throwing up for days.  i have gained back about 50 lbs from the weight i want to be but kept 30 off from my lowest weight does that make sense..  lol  probably not, but anyway i have a consult for revision next week i cant wait to get back on track i have about 56 lbs to lose and i have to get another chance at this more so because i have alot of issues with my back and knees and all this extra weight is making it worse im in chronic pain i am hopeful that my surgeon is gonna make this work again as he did 10 years ago..  NJ, Hackensack.


T Hagalicious Rebel

on 1/4/16 12:43 pm - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

Hi Rubina-Blain,

No I haven't had a revision, so far so good with just the sleeve. I have heard some people get horrible gerd after the sleeve but thankfully I haven't had a problem, but I'm still a newbie. 

Definitely check your insurance for the revision, since you had a complication from the band they might cover it. I've heard plenty of people have had complications from the band & revised to the rny. I hope everything will be alright. I remember 1 poster had terrible complications from the band & couldn't revise to another surgery. There was just too much damage. 

No one surgery is better than the other, what works for one may not work for another. T-Rebel


L. 68
on 1/4/16 12:52 pm

I will let my docs office do that they were so efficient in the whole process 10 years ago. And my insurance is still the same I don't think I have I damaged my asophogus that bad but we will see I go next week for consult I will keep u posted thanks for replying so fast I use to b on this website nite and day when I started and now everything has changed I will have to get familiar with all these changes again thanks and keep up the good work..

on 1/5/16 10:37 am - Denver, CO
RNY on 03/14/05 with

Hello R.,

I had a RNY almost 11years ago and scheduled to have a revision on Jan 18th. I initially lost 110lbs and gained about 30lbs after 5 years. But over the course of the last 3 years I have gained an additional 30 pounds putting me at 60lbs from where I want and need to be. However, my issues have been that I was staying hungry with not Satiety at all after eating and found out my stoma was enlarged and food just bypasses my pouch and causes major intestinal issues. I had bad bacteria causing diarrhea and noticed I don't feel good not matter what I eat healthy or not. I hope and pray the revision gets me back on track. Furthermore, my insurance did not cover it even though my doctor said it was a medical necessity. I found out many providers have a Bariatric exclusion in plans they offer. Unfortunately the company I work for had the exclusion. So I have to pay out of pocket but my health is declining the more weight I gain so I know it will be worth a second try and with an RNY there is no turning back. Ugghhhh. Goodluck with your revision plans. Denver,CO.


L. 68
on 1/5/16 12:48 pm

Hi Jelaine  Ur story sounds pretty much like mine  instead i had the band put in 10 years ago to date  and about 5 years in i was doing good lose 80lbs of the 100 my doc wanted me to (i didnt) my ideal weight for me is 183 im 5'9.  My problem is that i cant fill my band even a little bit makes me throw up and my acid reflux gerd burning whatever its called is horrible and painful  so i have to take it out because its not filled i can at anything and everything with no restriction so i am slowly gaining the weight back considering i have been pretty much on my own about 3 years ago using diet pills and going back to same pattern everydiet in the book diet pills ect.  so January 1, 2016 i made up my mind to have a revision i called my docs office on monday when i got to work and he gave me an appt for next monday coming up  im excited and its not like its a surprise like i said i have been struggling with this for about 3 years.

so u are getting the band?? my cousin got the band on after 10 with her RNY just like u she started to gain the weight slowly and decided to get the band she is back on track and doing well.


Good luck to you>