I am back!!!

on 1/6/16 9:27 am - Randolph , MA

Hello and Happy New Year to all!!!! It has been a few years since I have been here I had revision surgery back in 2010 and have since married and had two children!!!


My weight is creeping back up and I need to kick start back into losing weight. It is amazing how easy you can get side tracked and go back into really bad habits.  I don't know how I am going to do this with two children under 4 but I sure will give it my all!!  I am back for Support and to give as well.


I am Happy to be back amongst Friends and Family!!



 I had initially Started this journey 5 years ago when I weighed 233 lbs height 5'2" BMI was 42.8. I lost alot of weight after being banded, but the the weight crept up. I had Revision Surgery 3/31/2010 to RNY  I took some time away after getting Married and having two kids but now I am On my way again!!!! 

L. 68
on 1/7/16 11:41 am

Hi Eve, 

Congrats on your initial weightloss getting married having children and getting ready to get back on your game. Is your question about getting another revision or getting back on track with the RNY.  Did your pouch get bigger cause if it did you are probably gonna go back to your old habits including yo yo dieting ect.  you know what i mean..  My cousin had the RNY 10 years ago also and about 2 years ago she got the band put on cause she too started to gain weight (stretched her pouch) and so she wanted to nip it in the bud as they say and got the band she is doing great lose the 30 or so she had put on and is back on track.  How much did you lose initially and how much have you gained back and how much do you want to lose to get back to your comfortable (sweetSpot)lol.


I had the band put in 10 years ago from this month and about 2 years i have been on my up and down diet yoyo's because the band cannot be filled because i have horrible gerd/acid reflux so i am basically on my on again and the weight creeping back up so i decided on Jan 1, 2016 Yes New Years Day i was going in for a revision.  So Monday i called my doc and told him to give me the earliest appt. he has for the consult and he gave me THIS MoNDay coming up  i am so excited..

Please post a little more info so i can try to answer some of your question.  





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