Sleeve to RNY revision due to stomach twisting??! would LOVE to hear from Sleeve to RNY...

on 2/24/16 12:37 pm

I had the sleeve 3 years ago. I missed my 1 yr followup due to moving to another state and started seeing another surgeon for followup and support. I have done well with my sleeve. I had an upper GI due to some reflux and just simply checking on things sincE I missed my 1 yr etc... My upper GI showed my sleeve as a bigger opening, narrow bottom AND twisting. Surgeon said this should be fixed. He said converting me to RNY would resolve my reflux/GERD and correct the twisting. Here is the weird thing- I asked if I would also lose more weight. He said maybe 20 lbs but possibly none. I weighed 402 before the sleeve, and now I weight 232. I am happy with my success but of course would love to lose more weight. 


I am considering what he said- and this is a second opionion. I respect both surgeons but my reflux doesn't bother me that bad and as far as the twisting I can eat slower and chew into softer consistencies. I find it so strange that he would say I would be eating less and still wouldn't lose weight. Not sure I want to go through the risk (yes I know Gerd can be dangerous etc) but going through all that just to fix it and not having an added benefit of more weight loss. My brain can't comprehend how I wouldn't lose more weight when I would be eating less. Does ANYONE have experience with this? 


If anyone has had this surgery then I especially want to hear from YOU. I am doing plenty of research and this board seems pretty rude sometimes I would love to specifically hear from those that have been revised from sleeve to RNY. I would VERY MUCH appreciate your experience and feedback. 

on 2/24/16 1:38 pm

I should add that although I have GERD it's not terrible. I manage it well it doesn't bother me all that much. More concerned about this "twisting" thing 

on 2/25/16 8:24 am - Broussard, LA
Revision on 12/30/15
I recently had my revision from sleeve to RNY on 12/30/15. I suffered from gerd and acid reflux so much that it was effecting my daily life and I had to sleep sitting up and some days could not hold any food down.

I am happy to say that since surgery I have not had any gerd, acid reflux, or heartburn. Yes it is like going back to step one again and learning how to eat all over again, but for me it was worth it.

You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and go forward like the Queen you are!

on 2/25/16 8:50 am

Congrats on getting rid of your discomfort! I am also happy to hear that it was worth it for you. I am going to keep researching for a long time and pray and hopefully hear from more people! I have yet to hear of someone who had the twisted sleeve thing maybe I should post in the VSG forum...

on 2/25/16 11:55 am

There are many surgeons that are only well versed in RNY, and that is their only solution. I'm concerned that it sounds like you got a botched sleeve, and instead of a surgeon that can actually do a decent fix, you have a "I have a hammer, so every problem looks like a nail" rny surgeon. 

Every surgery can lessen your options for anything needed in the future, and if they cut more to make a pouch for RNY, you will very likely not have enough tissue left for fixing any issue that may arise later, and worse, may not have a pyloric valve any longer. 

I STRONGLY suggest you see a good DS/sleeve surgeon, preferably one known for doing revisions, as they are more complicated than a virgin surgery. I would not let an RNY surgeon remove my future options when you aren't going to really get any benefit from it, and maybe some real drawbacks like dumping syndrome and reactive hypoglycemia. 

I don't know where you are, but there are two of the best revisions surgeons in the world in CA, if you can get there. What state are you in?

on 2/26/16 8:16 am

California. What are the surgeons names and locations? I live in north orange county. This guy was supposed to be very well experienced in this but I specifically asked about the DS and he said that's "too invasive".

on 2/27/16 3:51 pm, edited 2/27/16 7:52 am

Lol, too invasive means they don't have the training to do it - most don't, or try to do a fake version and call it something similar like SADI- DS or LOOP - DS, which are not the same. 

How fortunate you actually live in CA, and I know people have traveled from all over the country and the world to go to one of these surgeons. If I needed something evaluated or done with my sleeve, these are the ONLY surgeons I'd trust with that.

These are the guys that fix everyone elses mistakes - they have mad skill -

Keshishian, Ara, MD, FACS, FASMBS  


Central Valley Bariatrics
1808 Verdugo Blvd., Suite # 413
Glendale , CA 91208

Rabkin, John, MD, FACS                        


Pacific Laparoscopy
2250 Hayes Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco , CA 94117

They are well versed in revising all sorts of weight loss surgeries, and most other types revise to the DS. The stomach part of the DS is a sleeve, so those are the guys I'd want to deal with a sleeve as well. Most other surgeons know RNY, and will butcher a perfectly good sleeve into some form of RNY. It sounds like I'm their most loyal patient or cheerleader, but in fact I didn't go to either one, I've just been around for enough years to see lots of people get good and bad revisions, and we old timers learn who the best and worst are.

on 2/29/16 8:36 am

Glendale is only an hour and a half driving distance from where I live so I am going to contact Dr Keshishian's office. I read on their website that revisions are usually done as open surgery, but maybe some can be done laparascopically. Very interested in meeting with him. Your help is greatly appreciated. I am impressed with what I have read on this dr so far. Thank you again kindly the support from each other makes all the difference.

on 2/27/16 6:34 am

I hope you come back! Awaiting the names of the 2 surgeons you mentioned

on 2/27/16 11:40 am, edited 2/27/16 3:39 am

Hi RedHead, I'm sure one of the surgeons referred to is Dr. K (I wanna say the K stands for Keshishian?? I can never remember the correct spelling of his name). From what I understand, he is the top and best DS surgeon in the country. Hope this helps. He's right up your way, if I'm not mistaken (I'm in san diego and actually plan on looking into contacting him soon).

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