Anyone use Peachtree Bariatrics in Atlanta?

on 6/18/16 2:49 pm

Anyone use Peachtree Bariatrics in Atlanta? I am a band to bypass revision and wanted feedback on the doctors and the practice. I just started my 3 weightloss visits, but have everything else completed for insurance. 

on 6/24/16 12:08 pm

Hello, I use Peachtree Surgical for my first RNY bypass,Stomaphyx in 2012 and my revision which i just had done Wed 6/22/2016..I have enjoyed their  practice and they have excellent doctors. Dr.Duncan is good surgeon. I have not had any negative experiences with them.

on 9/23/16 6:08 am

Have you gotten the revision? Going through the process for revision with Peachtree Bariatrics as well. I would greatly appreciate any info on your experience.

on 9/28/16 6:24 pm

Not yet... finished my last Weightloss visit with the Nut on 9/8 and now they finally submitted everything to my insurance this week. I hope that they approve me! I think my surgeon will be Dr Tuggle. I initially saw Dr Urrego but he has since left the Practice. Everyone has been super nice, but I have had to keep calling for updates and status on next steps.... so a little frustrating at times with the office staff. I really like the fact that it will be done in one surgery and they did not have any crazy program fees. Best of luck and I will post back if I get approved and scheduled for surgery.