1 oz pouch can't eat or drink. Anyone having same problem?

Charmaine C.
on 9/11/16 9:44 pm - Columbus, OH

I only have a 1oz stomach now. Im having trouble eating and drinking fluids including protein.  I can't follow the Dietian plan because its more then I can eat. So, I'm eating protein portions only three times a day. Is there anyone going through the same thing. Will this get better or change. Will I have better weight loss or more weight loss with a smaller pouch? My 1st surgery I could do 2 oz within a 1 yr I was at 1/2 cup.

on 9/26/16 7:27 am

Hey charmaine c. Congratulations on your surgery!!  I have no knowledge for you at this point I hope to be in your shoes by next year. Or this year if I self pay. Just take it day by day. And make sure you stay hydrated. 

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