Just a couple of questions -

on 3/29/17 11:48 pm - Lamonte, MO

The clinical team had to meet and discuss my case before they requested authorization from my insurance (Aetna Better Health - Missouri medicaid) They sent the request today. Yay!

First question is - my doctor is saying I can't have any nicotine or cotinine (metabolite from 2nd hand smoke ) in my system before surgery. My blood test I took about a month ago had 0.0 nicotine (as I don't smoke), and 9.9 cotinine (which looks like an occasional smoker that quit, but it's not going away as long as I'm smoked around). My SO is quitting, has his vape & if he needs a smoke he's agreed to smoke outside & not come around me after he smokes. He wants to quit anyway.

Has anyone heard of this requirement? I don't have a problem with it, the Dr has just told me it's a medicaid requirement, but I can't find it ANYWHERE.

Also, has anyone had their RNY revised? I had RNY 6/2011, lost 165lbs, have gained 70 back. I have a fistula and I guess the surgery is just going to make my Roux limb a bit longer. Dr also thinks the food is being pushed up into the excluded stomach for regular digestion & absorption. Am I going to lose this confounded weight I've put back on? I mean is this revision to my tool going to help?

Thank you for any guidance you can give. Please don't shame me for asking about the smoking thing - I'm well aware of how bad it is in general, especially for RNY peeps. Just don't lecture, it's really unnecessary. I quit over a year ago.

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on 6/6/17 7:27 am
RNY on 04/18/17

Hey, Neighbor!

My SO also smokes. He smokes outside, but does light up with me in the car, though he always rolls the window down. I was not aware that they check blood for nicotine and cotinine. I have a different insurance, but nothing was said to me about checking for these chemicals. Also, though, I have never been a smoker, so perhaps they did not include me in this blood test. I do recall in one class the former smokers were sent for blood work while the rest of us were able to leave. From all that was said, I take it that the doctors at this clinic are ADAMANT about the not smoking.

Good job with quitting. I know that it is the most difficult addiction to overcome. It's easier to quit heroin than nicotine. My SO tries and tries. He has cut WAY back, and that is something. And I think your revision will be entirely successful. Dr. De La Torre pioneered the laparoscopic procedure for RNY. He has performed over 9,000 surgeries. He is one of the top in the field. You are in good hands, for sure!

on 6/6/17 7:51 am - Lamonte, MO

Dr. Suttmoeller comes off as a d~ck about it, but the meeting w him before surgery, he is more caring and really takes time to make sure it is understood why it is so important to protect our tool & never compromise it. Being 5 years of from original surgery, it's so easy for me to slide into bad habits. Soda is another vice. I'm hoping to detox from it in the hospital.

I'm a substance abuse counselor and I'd argue nicotine & opiates are about even keel on quitting, that's just bc I've seen so many people die so quickly from the addiction! It's not easy though. That's for sure. One thing your SO might agree to - mine stops on I-70 at almost every rest stop when we are traveling. Maybe yours would be willing to try that. Mine has had smoked for almost 30 years, so he's trying to stop, but he knows how important writing is, and is going to try to quit.

Friend me on Facebook. I find it easier to keep contact and there are several support groups on there. I already love ya! Lol

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My name is Suzanne Gottschalk, I'm not hard to find

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on 6/6/17 8:37 am
RNY on 04/18/17

We are preparing for a long trip here in a couple of weeks, so I proposed the idea of him only smoking when we stop. He has arthritis so we stop frequently so he can walk around and stretch. This way he may not smoke as much---he tends to smoke more when he is driving. His strategy is to light up, take a few puffs, then put it out. That way he only smokes a few each day, which is far less than one or two packs. I give him much credit for cutting back so far. Wish he could quit, but he has smoked most of his life, long before I met him. I have accepted his COPD future.
I'm looking for you on FB. You may have to try and find me (Shelly Norris).

on 6/6/17 9:03 am - Lamonte, MO

Shoot, I do. I have friends of friends can only friend me (blah). Where are you from? I'll find ya!

Has cut down too. It's HARD. Sounds like you have a good plan at the very least

on 6/6/17 9:12 am - Lamonte, MO


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RNY on 04/18/17

Eldon, MO. I have it set so anyone can send me a friend request.

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I have mine at so anyone can send me a request. Did you spell my name right?

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I Can't find ya! Do you have your city listed?

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