Is it possible to get a revision for an RNY?

on 5/21/17 10:25 pm - Covina, CA

Hi there, I was successfully keeping off about a 120-lb. weight loss for about 7 years after having RNY surgery. But in the last four years, I had a series of medical issues for which they treated me with prednisone. My series of illnesses kept me bedridden for months at a time, then my father who I dearly loved became ill and passed away in 2015. To make a long story short, I have regained 85 lbs. I have asked my HMO for a revision and they refuse. In fact, they told me it wasn't possible. Does anyone know if it is not actually possible or they just won't do it? I have tried everything under the sun to lose the weight but it won't budge. I feel so defeated. Thanks for any input you can provide.

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Kat Kat
on 5/22/17 1:14 am - AZ

Yes, it actually is possible. You can go from and RNY to a DS, but it is very complicated and risky. Most bariatric surgeons won't attempt to do it and most Insurance companies won't cover a 2nd weight loss surgery. If you do decide to go fwd, there are about only 7 surgeons I'd trust to do it. 2 I can think of off the cuff are Dr John Rabkin in San Francisco CA and Dr Ara Keshishan in Glendale CA. Dr Rabkin runs about $35,000 - $40,000 and Dr Keshishan is about $25, 000 - $30,000.


on 5/22/17 8:10 pm - Portland, OR
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You might check with Dr. Patterson at Oregon Weight Loss Surgery. She is very experienced at difficult revisions. I know her website doesn't mention revisions or DS now, but I know she has done them.

on 6/10/17 8:22 am - Lamonte, MO

My insurance would approve but only after my medical team deemed it needed. Your situation seems similar to mine. My father passed in 2013, then prednisone & all kinds of other meds & treatments. The revision approval will take longer - get ready for that, but it's bc it's a riskier procedure. I had an original RNY & am getting it again bc I have a fistula that is allowing my excluded stomach to work. I'd keep trying, but go through the surgeons office. Your insurance isn't going to want to pay for the surgery - and they don't take your feelings or needs into account! Let us know how it goes. Sending good vibes your way!

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on 6/10/17 8:26 am - Lamonte, MO

I forgot, you want a Center for Excellence to do a revision. I'm just lucky I have one a little under 2 hours away. They can tell you how many your surgeon has done. You do want an experienced surgeon - not someone who has done a handful. GL!

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on 7/6/17 8:26 pm - Kokomo, IN

Besides the DS there is another extended limb RNY. Where they do bypass more intestine. Worth some research :)

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