Has anyone had revision from Sleeve to Bypass?

on 9/28/17 3:33 am

I had the sleeve four years ago and in the past six months have been continuously sick. I've been hospitalized several times for dehydration and low just about every nutrient possible because I can't even keep water down. I'm now taking 40mg of prilosec twice a day and 8 mg of zofran twice a day as well as tums. I'm still sick. I was just at the hospital again yesterday and as usual they did a ct scan to make sure I don't have blockage or tears or anything. They gave me potassium and zofran in an iv with my liquids then sent me on my way. I don't know what to do. I'm so sick all of the time. I'm scared to have bypass but the last time they admitted me to the hospital I was under the care of a bariatric surgeon. He suggested bypass may help with the nausea. They have scoped me and there are no ulcers but my stomach is just not good. The surgeon said I have to quit smoking for two months before they will do the revision. I'm having a difficult time quitting. I am calling today to make an appointment with the surgeon. My insurance covers a revision if it's causing problems without any of the hoops but I have to quit smoking. Has anyone else had this revision? I'm really scared.


on 9/28/17 9:11 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

I had the sleeve 5 years ago. I initially lost 103 pounds. I got down to 214. I started regain after 3 years with some issues that came up from my ex. I had severe GERD, hiatal hernia, ulcer, and pain after eating. I had a revision on 8/24 of this year. (5 weeks ago today). I was terrified of the bypass. However the GERD is gone, no pain after eating, ulcer gone. It has been a huge curve but honestly if it makes you feel better I would really consider it. I wish in my case I had a second opinion. But didn't. I am still in the regret phase but as I go through it and can eat more I am sure in time I am will embrace it. I am here if you want to ask anything.

on 10/15/17 6:13 am

How much have you lost since your revision?

on 10/23/17 7:18 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

I have lost total of 26 pounds. I have stalled for the last 6 weeks. My doctors are not happy but I figure the weight will come off eventually.

on 10/27/17 6:37 am

It sounds nds like I'm in the same boat as you except my GERD was found to be bile reflux ( bile is leaking into my stomach) my surgeon is suggesting I have the sleeve to bypass revison to stop the bile from reaching my stomach and taking care of all the pain. I went from 231 to 169 with the sleeve done on 3-9-16 and haven't regained anything. I didn't lose what I was hoping to so I could stand to lose 10-15lbs more but I'm worried about how much more weight i might lose and if the hair thinning and falling will start all over. 1 1-2 years post sleev I'm still losing hair (at a slower pace but none the less it still concerns me) I'm really worried and would love your insight.

on 3/8/18 6:54 am
VSG on 02/02/15


I am wondering about this I am trying to get a revision surgery from sleeve to bypass but my doctor is not sure cigna will cover this I have stomach ulcers after I got my endoscopy will this be enough for insurance to cover this?

on 9/28/17 6:11 pm

I was revised from VSG to RNY due to severe GERD. It was the best decision I've ever made.

It's not the easiest thing in the world to stop smoking. I know it's hard because I've been through it myself.

Hang in there and keep your eye on the prize. It's so worth it.

Original surgery: VSG Feb. 2009

Revised to: RNY Feb. 2016.

Height: 5'7"

Start weight: 252. Current weight: 120

on 10/16/17 9:03 pm

Happy to have found this post! I was sleeved 8 years ago, lost 136lbs in just under a year. I was 20 lbs from my goal but I just stopped losing. As of right now, I no longer have the restriction, I know I've stretched my sleeve out. I want to consult with a surgeon regarding bypass. I've gained 45 lbs the last 2 years and I'm flipping out! I've tried and tried to begin losing again with no luck. I'm not sure if any doc here in the states will touch me as I was sleeved in Mexico. I hope to keep following this post!


7 lbs. lost preop included in total
on 11/9/17 11:30 pm

Well three boughts of pneumonia in a row prevented me from seeing surgeon to get scheduled for revision but I had to quit smoking any way. I see surgeon right before christmas. It will be two months that i had quit smoking when I go see him so hopefully he will just schedule the surgery when i go see him. I'm doing very well not smoking but because of the pneumonia I was on prednisone for a little over a month and have gained almost 20 lbs. UGH. like i really need to gain more weight. and its not like i'm eating chips and ice cream. Im eating healthy foods i'm just eating a lot of them. I can't get enough. I finally said enough is enough and stoppped the prednisone about two and half weeks early. I can't afford to gain any more. I'm exercising and trying to drink more water. Not getting any calories in my drinks but due to previous surgery problems I still have trouble having high protein foods. I'm eating a lot of soup and crackers. Crackers are my go to when I get sick to my stomach which is often in the past year. I can't wait to have my stomach fixed. I know i can lose the weight once i'm capable of doing the high protein diet but right now that's just not possible.