Not losing weight on Pre-op Diet

on 10/10/17 6:35 pm

Hello my revision surgery from VSG to RNY is scheduled for 10/12; I'm worried because I'm struggling with the pre-op diet. I am not losing any weight. I had sleeve on 10/17/11 just about 6 years ago. I lost 112lbs and my lowest weight was 146. I gained back about 50 lbs over the last year and I suffer with severe GERD and I have a hiatal hernia.

Im worried that. Haven lost any weight prior to my surgery. I don't know what to do. It's very hard to keep anything down without vomiting.

Do you think I will still be able to have the surgery? Has this happened to anyone.

HW: 250      SW: 237      CW: 174   Goal: 125     Height: 5'1    Surgery Date: 10/17/11
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on 10/19/17 3:31 am, edited 10/18/17 8:32 pm

I recommend you to go to clinic and take some medical tests. Try to check clinic with good medical equipment like this After that you can go to fitness or take a consultation of nutritionist. I hope it can help you to lose some weight.