Revision from VSG to RNY - Complete

on 10/18/17 11:21 am

Hello Everyone:

My revision surgery was on 10/12. I'm home recuperating after a 2 night hospital stay. This time I have more pain than with the VSG. Although it's a struggle to get my water in for the day, I have notice I can intake more this time with the RNY than the sleeve. I see my surgeon next week so I have questions. I'm sill on all liquids (water/protein shake). Don't have an appetite nor hunger pains.

Luckily I don't have any new incisions. My surgeon was able to go into the old ones. I know I'm not on solid foods yet, but I haven't experienced any vomiting, Nassau or reflux. Don't have that build up in my chest or throat. The hiatal hernia was repaired and I'm praying the GERD was as well.

Im up walking several times a day. I have lost about 9lbs since the 12th. My Sleeve was 6 years ago yesterday. I lost 112lbs with the Sleeve and only gained back 50lbs just last year when all my GERD issues started. I was 16lbs from goal with the sleeve so I'm hoping with the RNY I can get to goal.

Can any of you that are revision patients provide me with advice? This is my 2nd chance to lose the weight and I want to get to my goal. My surgeon is very very strict. If it wasn't for the hiatal hernia, stricture & Severe GERD, this surgery would not happen. It appears other WLS surgeons won't touch you if another has. Also, what would you recommend for the scars? The last time the hospital say not to put anything on the incisions but I was left with noticeable scars.

Any advice you can give will be appreciated.

HW: 250      SW: 237      CW: 174   Goal: 125     Height: 5'1    Surgery Date: 10/17/11
on 10/18/17 11:43 am - baldwinsville, NY

The scars are gonna stay with ya nothing I can mention about those. I consider them my battle scars!! I am a revision from VSG to RNY. Hopefully when you see you surgeon he can change your diet. I have lost 120 lbs and am in maintenance. Feel better soon your doing good.

I had GERD to and it has disappeared with the RNY. Good Luck

on 10/24/17 11:58 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

Congrats! I am a newly revised (8/24) due to same problems. The weight loss is slower I am told and I have stalled out for 6 weeks now. hang in there it will get better. I can drink normal now and eating has been good so far. Only think I experience is I sound like a drain now. My body likes to talk. If I can help in any way please let me know.

on 12/8/17 9:28 am
Revision on 07/20/17

I'd love an update and any advice you may have. I was sleeved in 2013 and now going through the process for a revision due to GERD. I've gained 100lbs and I'm miserable. I hoping to improve my quality of life with this revision. I really need to get rid of this GERD. It's terrible

on 12/21/17 6:08 pm

I am in the same boat... horrible GERD since the sleeve 5 years ago, gained 70 back over the course of 5 years... so unhappy. Im on liquid for 3 weeks right now (day 2 currently) and surgery is scheduled for Jan 10th. My number 1 goal is eliminate or improve the GERD then my number 2 goal is to lose the weight that started when the GERD started.