Issues 2 months ou****ch out TMI

on 11/6/17 12:52 pm - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

It has been a little over two months. I am down 28 pounds since pre op started. I had regain of 70 pounds from sleeve 5 years ago. My questions are... Does anyone have smell issues? Like down below from BMs? It seems the smell lingers forever. It is making me very self conscious. I can eat pretty much whatever I want since the release to full diet. Nothing has a problem really. everything in moderation I have found. I don't dump and can tolerate sugar and carbs. I do this only sparingly though. After I had my sleeve I couldn't eat much at all. Now with all the corrections to the RNY I am able to eat more than before without much restriction feeling. I have to watch portions though or I could do some real eating. My surgeon has said he left mine a little bit bigger so that is probably why I can eat more but good grief the bathroom issues are horrid!

I am on a iron supplement so I don't know if that is it as well. I also had my gallbladder removed during revision. Any suggestions to help with the smells would be great. I am single and hope one day to find someone so I sure don't want him fleeing at first bathroom encounter...

on 11/6/17 1:51 pm - WI

If you eat sugar and simple carbs after RNY you will have smelly gas. You will also regain your weight. Your diet needs to be primarily protein and non starchy veggies.

The "everything in moderation" will be your downfall. If we could do "everything in moderation" we would never need WLS. Now is the time to relearn how to feed your post WLS body. The more carbs and sugar you eat, the more you crave. It can be downward spiral very quickly. Protein, protein, protein!

The smell is because you no longer have a pyloric valve and the food does not get "pre-digested" in the stomach before entering the intestines. Sugar and carbs will bloat you and cause excessive gas. Overeating will cause the problem of excess gas too. Sugar alcohols in sugar free foods cause gas. All that gas has to go somewhere.... Chewing really well will help some, but won't eliminate the problem. What you eat matters. You will never be able to eat like you did befrore RNY. You no longer have a normal digestive system.

There is a pill called Deverom that helps with the smell, but the rumbling gas will still be there.

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on 11/6/17 2:14 pm - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

Thank you! I needed to hear that. I will be glad to give up the random carb and sugar to avoid that smell! I do get my protein in and water for the day. I also keep on top of my vitamins with my labs checked too. I just can't go down the old path. I know with the revision things will be different. I will get this changed too.

Laura in Texas
on 11/7/17 5:14 pm

Artificial sweeteners can also lead to odors.

I avoid sugar, crappy carbs, and artificial sweetener. I do not have these issues.

Figure out what triggers it for you and avoid those foods. Good luck!!

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