No preop diet

on 11/18/17 3:24 am

i am having a revision of my sleeve due to GERD. the surgeon said the 2 week preop diet wasn't necessary but she didn't tell me if I did need to do anything except nothing after midnight. Has anyone had a revision without needing the 2 week preop diet? What did you do

thanks kathy

on 11/18/17 11:26 am - CT

Hi Kathy.. just had revision on 11/13. I was on all liquid the night before with no liquids after midnight. No other preop required.

on 11/18/17 11:27 am

Thank You!

on 11/20/17 10:54 am
VSG on 05/12/14

I revised last year. I didn't have a pre-op diet. My surgeon told me to eat as much protein as I could in the week leading up to my surgery and told me I could drink up to 6 hours before my procedure.

on 11/24/17 12:00 am

My surgeon doesn't require a pre-op diet and I didn't have one with either my first surgery or my revision.

Some say it is to shrink the liver before the surgery and others say that it is to get used to following a disciplined eating plan after surgery. Others, like my surgeon, don't see any benefit in requiring a pre-op diet.

It really is up to the surgeon. My surgeon just required you to stop eating after midnight like yours.

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