Lap-band to sleeve revision in 2 surgeries.

on 12/4/17 11:17 am - Lexington, KY

i had the lapband Nov 2010. I absolutely hated it. Initially I did alright with it but over time I was vomiting almost daily. About a month ago I had all the fluid removed and had some tests done. Luckily there's no damage but my stomach is irritated/inflamed. I have initiated the revision protocol but I had no idea that it was going to be done in 2 stages. 1st is the band removal with a 3 month recovery time, then the sleeve. I was under the impression that it could all be done at once but my surgeon doesn't do that. Has anyone else gone through this as well? How was recovery from the band removal and how was your experience between removal and revision?

on 12/5/17 5:37 pm - riverside, CA

I am in the process of having my band removed as wee. The surgeon told me they will remove band and wait 12 weeks for healing before they will do the revision . I am so happy to be getting rid of this band ! But also nervous that the insurance won't come through or something . Good luck to you , I would love to hear how it all turns out for you.

Jennifer P.
on 12/5/17 6:59 pm - KS
Revision on 11/08/17

My surgeon removed my band and I had to wait 6 months before my bypass surgery. He said he wanted me to heal completely. I trusted his judgement because another lady (also his patient) who had the band the same amount of time as me had hers removed and then the bypass surgery the same time, so I know he was watching out for me and what he found once he got in there. He did warn me ahead of time if there was damage he would wait 6 months. My band removal recovery time was 7-10 days not hard at all. Between removal and revision went okay. No special diet or anything until it was time to do my two week fast before bypass surgery.


on 12/6/17 3:28 pm

Had mine done in 2 stages but only having to wait 8 weeks. Recovery from the lapband removal is pretty easy where as the sleeve it took about 4 days for me to feel normal again and not exhausted. Good luck and trust your dr's decision.

HW:214.9 10/13/17 Revision Lap Band to Sleeve 11/8/17 SW:205.5 CW:187.6

Goal Weight: 145

Pre-op: -9.4 M1: -11.5 M2:-4.4

on 12/9/17 2:47 pm - Lexington, KY

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. It makes me feel better knowing a little more of what I can expect. I feel a little more at ease about it. I'm just so ready to get this done and move forward!

on 12/11/17 11:00 am
VSG on 01/04/18

I'm scheduled for my revision surgery on January 4th, 2018. I'm not having mine done in two stages though they are removing the band and doing the sleeve at the same time. I hated the band as well and never was successful and losing very much weight. I had my band put in January of 2009 and almost immediately had issues with vomiting, food getting stuck and reflux. I can't wait to get this thing out of me!!