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Hey everyone! I?m always the one reading but never posting anything. I decided to change that and finally share my story. I had VSG Oct 2013, my smallest weight was 215. Over the years I?ve gained so much weight back and that was due to a very poor diet, depression, stress and probably many more things. Just over the years I went into a really dark place with depression and I gave up on life. I didn?t want to do any of this anymore and I know that is where a lot of my weight gain from. I felt like a failure and for a long time I couldn?t get myself out of this. So I starting going to a therapist which really helped me a lot. Then I decided to go back to my doctor that did my my VSG to get help with getting back in track. Long story short 6 months later Ive been submitted to insurance for approval to have the revision to RNY due the severe GERD. The GERD has been horrible and the over the counter meds have completely stop working. Over this last 6mths though I?ve done a complete 360. I learned that I have severe iron deficiency anemia, which I hade to have two iron infusions done. I got back in the gym after I got the anemia under control and I?ve been working out 4-5 days a week. I?ve lost 25 pounds just working out and cutting back and doing a ketodiet. But tbh I?m terrified of another surgery. I?m sure others have had the same scares as me but I know this is something I have to do for me. My wife supports me but she has admitted that she is scared as well. I just want everything to go well if I get approved for the RNY. I really want to get my life back so I can be a better wife...better mom..a better person and not continue to let my weight bring me down.

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Stop beating yourself up--you have taken steps in the positive direction and know that you will feel 1000% better with a revision and the absence of GERD.

I too had a revision March 2017 from VSG to RNY due to a hiatal hernia and bile reflux. I regained 30 pounds prior to the revision (170 to 200 lbs). After the surgery, I followed my plan and lost the regain plus an additional 12 pounds (now at 158 lbs with a new goal of 155).

I know the GERD is making it tough to stay on your diet but know there is hope. Stay positive.

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I know it's scary to have surgery but you are going to get your life bac****ep going and trust that it is working itself out for your best interest. Keep us up to date with your progress and when you get approved.

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I spoke with my doctor today and I was denied the revision. She stated that I can file a grievance appeal but I have no clue where to start.

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