Band Removal Friday. What Next?

Jennifer M.
on 12/27/17 2:50 pm - AZ


I had my band placed in 2005. I lost some and regained. I never had much success with it. Mostly just pain and lots of bping. A year ago I started randomly losing weight. My band got worse and worse such that I couldn't eat most of the time. I finally was diagnosed with a slip in early Nov., but insurance wouldn't pay for a removal. I did open enrollment with my own work insurance (I will now have 2) to do it in January, but my current insurance appeal came through and I am scheduled for surgery on Friday. I am so nervous. Not about the surgery, but what comes after. I lost 160 pounds in the last year. I don't want to regain a bunch. The surgeon would not do a revision with the band removal. He wants my stomach to go back to the correct shape first. In the best possible world, I would maintain this loss without the band, but I don't see it happening. Right now, on the rare day where I can eat, I gain 10 pounds from a small meal. So, I am planning for a revision. I need to figure out what surgery, and I am nervous about the insurance. If they (Aetna) require me to do the diet, I can't gain at all. Their policy appears not to require this for a revision, but I don't know if they will consider this a revision if the band is already out. I am also just below the weight requirement. It is all just making me crazy. I need to just let go and see what happens, but I am so nervous. I don't mind regaining some weight. It has never been my desire to be super thin and I was fairly ok with myself at every weight I have been. I just like being able to buy clothes in regular stores. :) Part of me doesn't want to do the removal, but I know I can't live this way. I mean, you can't eat mostly ice chips for the rest of your life, right?

I am going to do a low carb diet after the surgery Friday and see what happens, I guess. I just needed to put that out there.

on 12/30/17 3:57 am
RNY on 12/26/17

I understand your fear of losing the band and regain. I had my band for 11 years and had it removed in August due to acid reflux and symptoms of GERD. I was in complete denial at first and didn't want my band to go. I had some success with it and although I did regain some of what I had lost with the band I was not at my heaviest weight. Anyway, I have Aetna insurance and my surgeon told me not to gain any weight or the insurance company would not pay. It was difficult but I maintained from August until December when I had my revision. I did have to go through the entire process again for insurance to approve the surgery. I met with psych, nutritionists, 3 nutrition classes, 3 lifestyle classes, kept a food log, all of the hoops to jump through again. I had revision surgery 12/26 to bypass. I have not had any pain just a little discomfort - never required pain meds (my surgeon doesn't use them just Tylenol.) I wish you much success in your next chapter. You've got this!

You can't measure your achievements with someone else's yardstick!

Revision 12/26/17 Dr. Caitlin Halbert HW 260 SW 248 CW 159

Pre Op diet: 12 M1: 13 M2: 11 M3: 9 M4: 13 M5: 8 M6: 7 M7: 6 M8: 9 M9: 5 M10: 2

Jennifer M.
on 12/31/17 10:44 am - AZ

My surgeon's office has said that Aetna may or may not require the regular pre-op since this is a revision. I am hoping not. As soon as I left the operating room, I started tracking my diet. I have eaten well under 1200 calories a day and have gained 10 pounds. If I can't gain at all, this isn't going to happen.

on 1/4/18 10:38 am
Revision on 10/04/16

wish you the best with your revision. I have no insights to give you. I did self pay for my revision. Mine was all in one band removal and revision to bypass.

Band-RNY revision age 50 5'4" HW 260 SW: 244 (bf healthy range 23-35%) bf 23.7% (at 137lbs) cw range 135-138.lbl with butt lift and mastoplexy March 23, 2018...2.5lbs removed.

Pre-op-16lbs (size 18/20...244) M1-16lbs (size 18...228) M2-15.6lbs (size 16/18...212.4) M3-10lbs (size 16..202.4) M4-11.4lbs (size 14...191) M5-10.8lbs (size 12...180.2) M6-8.4 (size 8/10...171.8) M7-6.4 (size 8...165.4 lbs) M8-11.6 (size 6...153.8) M9-5.6 (size 4/6...148.2) M10-5.8 (size 4....142.4) M11-4 (size 2/4...138.4) Surgiversary -1 (size 2/4...137.4) M13-2.6 (size 2/4...134.8) M14 (size 2/4...134.8) M15 (size 2...135) M16 (size 2...131.4) M17 (size 2...135) M18 (size 2...135) M19 (size 2...138) M20 (size 2...135) M21 (size 2...138)

on 11/15/18 11:10 am

After your revision did you still feel like you had your band.. like when drink feeling the water or food sit in your chest and then pass on! It's kind of weird cant explain it

nicole u
on 1/5/18 11:50 am - holbrook, NY
Revision on 12/01/08 with

Hi! I personally just wrote in my blog and haven't been on here in years, but wanted to give you a little insight into my journey which is very similar to yours. Lap band 2004 emergency removal 2008 RNY 3 months later 2008.

tons of luck and any questions, feel free to ask me!

HEating had got in the way! I will tell everyone, weight loss surgery is NOT A QUICK FIX. You must work at it. I went from 298 to 143 but not right away. I had work to do to get there. Was the best I ever felt I looked! Somehow I ate a little of this, more of that, a cheat here, a chand I was back to 217. Almost in the blink of an eye. I couldn't believe it. Of course right away I didn't do anything. In fact, a few years I ignored it. This past summer I started watching a little bit. In October I just started to stop eating when I felt full....easy one would think! From October 2017 until today, December 5, 2018 I went from 217 to 182. That's 35 pounds gone! Woooo no one really has noticed which is discouraging but that's ok. Now I've only got 39 pounds to lose to get to 143. I can do it! I'm 5'8 so at 143 I'm between a size 4-6. I'm determined and don't make it feel like a diet because all diets fail. My heaviest was 298 and lowest was 143 so I had lost 156 which was more than I had weighed! Crazy! I am very proud of my 116 pound loss but will feel amazing when I can put on my 4's and 6's! Cheers to motivation!

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Mary F.
on 1/22/18 8:19 pm - East Windsor, NJ

I just had a small intestine xray to see if there was anything there causing my long time anemia... Radiologist saw extensive reflux and that my 11 year old lap band was slipped to the bottom of my stomach not allowing the barium into the small intestine. My gastroenterologist said my esophagus has expanded and is acting as my stomach atm. I am so afraid of having the band removed but I know I don't have an option. I am a tiny person! I lost 80 pounds and I am 113 pounds right now (was about 90 pounds at my smallest). Would they do a revision on someone as tiny as me? I know the weight will pile back on without something.

Mary F.
on 2/18/18 5:14 pm - East Windsor, NJ

Just had the band removed a week ago and dr said my stomach was very swollen and damaged. I am still considering revision hopefully to RNY in 3 to 6 months after I heal. I actually gained a couple of pounds in this week....

on 11/15/18 11:23 am

How is it going have you had your revision?