Sleeve to DS or Sleeve to Bypass

on 1/5/18 3:59 pm - TX

Hey guys!

Im trying to decide between sleeve to DS or sleeve to Bypass revision. Everytime I eat or drink anything it hurts going down. My last dr injected botox in my sleeve because it was bent and that was causing a lot of the pain. Once the botox wore off it went right back. I also have bad GERD and im only able to eat a very small amount but depending on what im eating i have to rush to the bathroom. Has anyone had these issues? If so did the revision help? I was sleeved in March of 2011.

on 1/6/18 6:20 am
RNY on 08/21/12

If the revision was strictly for weight loss, I'd say sleeve to DS. DS has a sleeved stomach, same as you, with an intestinal bypass added on. But that wouldn't help your gerd. The best fix for gerd would be RNY.

Finding a DS surgeon in itself is difficult. Check around. I would have had to go 5 states away to get the nearest DS surgeon. Check on the DS board for the names of good, experienced DS doctors to get an opinion. And find good RNY docs who have done a great many sleeve revisions, and see what they say.

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on 2/12/18 4:41 pm - San Antonio, TX


I am trying to decide the best route as well. I, too have GERD very bad. I think I may have to change doctors as well. They keep insisting on these versions: SADI, SADI-S or SIPS My research states that these are experimental versions of DS.

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