Sleeve revision to RNY, is my pouch the same size as regular RNY pouch?

Virgie Tschirhart
on 1/6/18 9:10 am - Midwest City, OK
RNY on 12/27/17

I plan to ask this question next week when I go to see my doctor for my first 2 week visit. I'm on day 11 of my full liquid stage. I have been able to drink my shakes and intake my water for the day close to 64 oz. I was just wondering about my pouch.

As we know, when my stomach was Sleeved it was a lot smaller, banana shaped. Now that it's been revised to a RNY small pouch wonder if my pouch is different than a virgin RNY pouch. On thing for sure is that I'm not hungry and I love this feeling. I hope that non hunger doesn't go away. I do see food and get a little craving for something to chew but I don't give in. That is the beauty of my RNY so far!!! Love it. Any feed back is appreciated.... Have a great weekend!!!

Virgie Tschirhart

Lap Band - 2008, Sleeve - 2009, RYN - 2017

Started Program Weight July 13, 2017 - 194.2

Before Surgery Weight December 27, 2017 - 185.0

Current Weight - February 2018 - 161.0

on 1/12/18 6:29 am
Revision on 09/14/17

Im four months our from an RNY revision to a RNY Distal. My pounch was made smaller, my stoma rebuilt and more distal bypass. Yes for me the beauty is I am never hungry, liquids or food satisfy me. Actually there is no satisfy feeling because I never had the want. I do enjoy the taste of food but I can drink chicken broth and be just as happy. I'm sure in time that will change but at four months I am still like you are speaking. I've lost 88 pounds which is exciting. Between the vitamins, protein and meals add in the liquids I feel like all I do is eat and drink. Sometimes I even feel guilty that I am over doing it but a glass of water satisfies me as if I ate a burrito it's all in my head.

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on 1/19/18 8:45 am
Revision on 01/27/18

I'm having the same surgery on the 27th. You are losing well, then? I was a slow loser before, then a regainer...I'm really hoping to lose 10lbs a month. What was your revision weight? I'm starting at 310, give or take preop diet results.

on 1/19/18 9:24 am
Revision on 09/14/17

I have lost 90 pounds since September 14, 2017. I started at 400 pounds. Because revisions are not as successful as the original surgery I had already changed drastically my whole lifestyle. I knew that I was going to have to help it (the tool) for it to work for me. My surgeon said most revisions lose about 50 pounds which is why many Drs. don't do revisions they don't feel they are warranted unless it's like the band going to an RNY or something similar. I was told she would rebuild it all but I was skeptical because most surgeon just go in and make the stomach smaller which does so little. However the moment I started to eat or take a pill I knew she had rebuilt the stoma like she said.

I will be very honest here. I watch what I eat like a hawk and I work out walking and biking at the gym four or more days a week. I try to stay really active sometimes to much because I can't get the food in. I never was a big drinker but now I hit raound 80 ounces a day. I substitute fluids for that need I use to have to snack. Chicken broth for me is like eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Right now I'm at 310 so I can't tell you my weight loss going forward but so far I average around 22 pounds a month. That will slow down but I"m very happy with the success of it and how I have used it.

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on 1/19/18 10:27 am
Revision on 01/27/18

That's reassuring to hear, as I also plan to go full-throttle with this second, and most likely last, chance. I've seen several studies that show going distal causes a 69% EWL in revisions, so if I can reach 215 (my previous low weight after RNY) and stay there forever, I'll be happy. Anything further is a bonus! I'm prepared to go to therapy, hire a trainer, or whatever I need to make it.

on 1/19/18 3:29 pm
Revision on 09/14/17

Good luck just stick to what they tell you. Don't get lost when you hit a platau. I've been on them for a month once it was maddening.

on 1/25/18 12:37 pm

What's a EWL?

Amy R.
on 1/27/18 4:23 am

I believe it's Excess Weight Loss.

on 1/18/18 2:35 pm
Revision on 10/04/16

probably not. if you were a band to RNY (within the same procedure) I'd say you likely have a larger pouch because the band causes stretching of the esophagus plus scar tissue they need to cut around to create a pouch.

You aren't hungry because they've removed the part of the stomach that produces the hunger hormone (grehlin). for most people it does come back (our bodies are smart and find a way). For some lucky people it doesen't come back.

I do get hungry now, but didn't in the early days.

Band-RNY revision age 50 5'4" HW 260 SW: 244 (bf healthy range 23-35%) bf 23.7% (at 137lbs) cw range 135-138.lbl with butt lift and mastoplexy March 23, 2018...2.5lbs removed.

Pre-op-16lbs (size 18/20...244) M1-16lbs (size 18...228) M2-15.6lbs (size 16/18...212.4) M3-10lbs (size 16..202.4) M4-11.4lbs (size 14...191) M5-10.8lbs (size 12...180.2) M6-8.4 (size 8/10...171.8) M7-6.4 (size 8...165.4 lbs) M8-11.6 (size 6...153.8) M9-5.6 (size 4/6...148.2) M10-5.8 (size 4....142.4) M11-4 (size 2/4...138.4) Surgiversary -1 (size 2/4...137.4) M13-2.6 (size 2/4...134.8) M14 (size 2/4...134.8) M15 (size 2...135) M16 (size 2...131.4) M17 (size 2...135) M18 (size 2...135) M19 (size 2...138) M20 (size 2...135) M21 (size 2...138)

on 1/26/18 6:37 pm

I had a sleeve to rny revision for GERD in November. The surgeon told me my pouch is about half the size of my sleeve