VSG to DS scheduled

on 1/6/18 2:50 pm
Revision on 04/06/18

Hey everybody!

A little back info first. I had VSG in 2012 in Mexicali, Mexico with Dr. Aceves at a starting weight of 244 pounds (at 5'6"). Very successful and lost 109 at my lowest weight. Since then, I have had regain of approx 35 pounds for numerous reasons. I have now scheduled a revision to DS for April of this year with the surgeon my surgeon left his practice to (who unfortunately passed away in a plane crash a couple years ago).

So, who has had this revision done? With my VSG, I recovered quickly with the most pain being the gas pain in my shoulders. Didn't once take pain medications and was back to work after a week. The only issue I had was dehydration but now know how to handle that. Has anyone found the recovery of DS revision from VSG a harder recovery? Any extra info I should know? Any tips?

Thanks everybody!

Amy R.
on 1/8/18 2:25 pm, edited 1/8/18 6:26 am

You may want to wander over to the DS Forum if you haven't already. There are several who have revised from VSG to DS. I'm not sure what you'll actually find there but as you can see this Revision Forum doesn't get a lot of traffic.

Good luck to you in your future surgery.

edited to add link: DS Forum