From the Lap band to the Sleeve

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Lap Band on 07/08/14

Hi everyone, July 8, 2014 I was banded I loss 130 lbs. started having problems with the band in 2016. Nov. 2017 it was removed I had a lot of erosion. I gained 40 lbs I'm trying not to gain any more pounds.

Jan. 2018 I started another weight loss journey I'm getting the sleeve in 6 months. Starting this long process again won't be fun. I wish my insurance would just approved the surgery without the wait.


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Revision on 02/04/15

I would suggest really researching band to sleeve.

There are numerous folks who have had to revise to the bypass due to excessive acid after going from band to sleeve. I myself was not a good candidate for band to sleeve and went with the bypass. I had damage at the top of stomach due to the band and dealt with reflux/heartburn for years until the band was taken out and revised to the bypass. Gone was the reflux.

Beat of luck.

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Lap Band on 07/08/14

I will look into the bypass thank you !

Angela Stoot
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Ladiegodiva1228 is right as I am possibly facing 3x (2005), sleeve (2014) and possible bypass due to acid reflux, I'm scheduled for a X-ray and upper GI on Monday. My Dr says bypass maybe needed to save my esophagus.

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Lap Band on 07/08/14

Thank you for your reply I hope everything work out for you.

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Revision on 10/04/16

I did the same, went band to RNY and it cured my reflux.

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I had the same situation......Had my band removed in 2014....terrible experience with not being able to keep solid food down - band was in basically crystalized and had choked me off. It has taken me to now to be able to get to the point I am ready to go to have the sleeve. Just submitted my paperwork last week. The 6 month wait and all the hoops you have to go through is the worst part. I too wish insurance would just go ahead and cover it without all that. I am also wanting to know how others have done with the sleeve after lapband and if anyone has any regrets from having the sleeve done. I am still a bit nervous about all this!