New, or to the area I live in

Tammi H.
on 1/20/18 9:57 pm, edited 1/30/18 6:31 am

I am getting the revision. Not been scheduled yet. Haven't seen the dr. yet. How ever my Bariatric surgeon has referred me to this Dr.

He is a gastrologist, he will put me to sleep, and then place a device do through my mouth, throat and into my pouch, to my enlarged bottom stoma and stitch each side up to resize it to the size it was when I had to RNY bypass. My bariatric Dr said to try this first before he has to do anything more drastic. It is an in and out procedure same day. WOW, I was quite glad to hear of this.

I have not gone into this revision over night with out thinking it through, speaking with my supports, prayer, counselor , tests taken, all the hoops, whistles and things they have you go through for insurance to approve. If they do this one, Unsure they will, You would think that they would since it isn't as complicated as the other way to go.

Has anyone else has had this done? If there is, can you share with me your experience, story of how it went, the good, and the bad of this procedure ? Thanks in advance.

To all who are getting the Revision and have been wanting it, working for it, just starting for it, God Bless you all, Hope the surgery has gone well, pray you get it soon, and pray your surgery comes soon.

I am getting this revision where they put me to sleep, go through my mouth, to the bottom stoma ad stich back up to where it once was or close. Been seen and approved, YES YES, now just awaiting for the phone call to that they have a date for it, location and I hope it is soon. As we must get to packing soon as the movers it will get done.