How did you decide it was time for a revision?

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So I am meeting with my surgeon on friday to discuss my weight gain and options. Initially i lost 160lbs and went from 310lbs to 150, and kept it off for 10 years. Two babies later and after a bought of severe pist partum, I can?t seeM to get the weight off! I am exercising (could kick that up more) and joined weigh****chers, but unless I practically starve myself, I am not seeing that scale drop.

What kind of questions should I be asking the surgeon? I dont want to miss anything. Also I feel like I am just ?giving up? but ai dont know what else to do at this point! I am feeling hopeless.

How did you know it was time for a revision and what pushed you to make that decision?

Gwen M.
on 2/13/18 3:28 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

The only reason I'd get a revision is if there was something physically wrong with my current surgery - so I would ask for an endoscopy to check everything out.

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Thanks! Going to bring up the scope tomorrow durong my appointment.

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Revision on 02/26/18

I initially got my sleeve done in 2013, I went from 260 to 155. I am getting my revision because I have severe GERD and a recurrent hernia. It has gotten so bad that I sometimes vomit in my sleep. My surgeon RNY to me as the best option. I struggled with the idea because I didn't want another surgery, but the GERD hasn't improved.... 2/26 is my date for revision.

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I made the decision when my clothes went up a few sizes, I felt really uncomfortable in my clothes and mentally frustrated I could control my weight. I had my original bypass in April 2000 got down to below my goal weight and pretty much stayed their until about 9 months ago and then slowly went up about 3 pant sizes.

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Revision on 01/29/18

Hi, I was also a wei...wa..hers yoyo and not a big gym goer. I had a GBP 13 yrs ago and I knew after years of yoyo syndrome gaining 80lbs back seeing diabetes creeping up joint back and muscle pain, depression and not wanting to go places It was time for me to get healthy. This is a big decision that only you can make for yourself. I had a revision 1/29/18 and I feel so much healthier than I did! For me it was about being healthier, the perk is looking alot thinner and feeling better about myself. Its not a decision to make for an event coming up...its a lifelong commitment of vitamins...I researched it and traveled 2 hours to Dr. Roslin in NY to have the best surgeon for the surgery. He teaches this all over the world, and that helped me feel better about deciding, because I was really scared. I hope whatever you decide you have health and happiness always!? Sincerely, Wendy

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I decided on a revision when I my son was 2 and I realised I was nearly back up to my pre bypass weight :( I had tried from the day of giving birth to lose the weight, but it just wouldn't budge. It was like as soon as I became a mother, my metabolism was at 0?!

I went to see my original surgeon (which I recommend you do) and then from there he referred me for tests. So I went to see a psychologist for an evaluation (to see if I was ready to lose weight again after the miscarriages and subsequent depression I had), had a Gastroscopy and then an endoscopy. I thought I was done but then he also sent me for a barium swallow too! This was all coming out of my pocket and very pricey. Endoscopy was the priciest at 2,100 for that alone.

anyway all of the results helped him in knowing what my pouch/stoma/mind was like, before he could tell me what the best revision option would be for me.

my surgery is now in 3 weeks. 7 years after my original surgery.

hope that helped!