Sleeve to Bypass Revision

on 2/13/18 8:53 am - TX

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to get a Sleeve to Bypass revision. Has anyone had this done and if so what was the outcome? Weightloss? Pain? Ect...

ilm going to post this on a few forums to get as much feedback as possible.

on 2/13/18 9:08 pm

I'm actually going through this now! I didn't lose anything on the sleeve. I lost weight when I was on the liquid diets, but as soon as solids were introduced, I gained it all back. The surgeon and my doctors knew that was a possibility due to some other conditions I have, so they wanted to do the sleeve to see if it worked as a less drastic option, but we knew that if it didn't, we would always be looking forward to a revision. That time is now, 4 years later. I finally got fed up and said... you know what? I've worked SO HARD for this and have nothing to show for it. I've done everything right. This surgery was just not the right one for me. So, my surgery date is March 8th! I'd be glad to keep in contact a bit here if you'd like more information after I get the surgery and as the first weeks go by :)

on 2/15/18 10:52 am - TX

That sucks! I lost a lot with my sleeve until the pain started. I will be having mine around the same time as you so we should definately keep in touch!!

on 9/14/18 12:35 pm

May I ask why you are having a revision?

on 9/14/18 4:36 pm - TX

I was in a lot of pain everytime I ate. I actually had my revision on March 9th.

on 9/14/18 4:51 pm

So how is the revision going so far? And issues?

on 2/14/18 3:22 pm - Doylestown, PA

Congrats on your decision!!

I was sleeved in 2011, and I had a DS revision (actually, it's a completion) on 2/1/2018. As of this morning, I've lost 12 lbs. As far as my pain level goes, I had some pretty severe scar tissue from previous abdominal surgeries, and the post surgical pain that I'm feeling, is a direct result of the extensive removal.

All things considered, I believe that I made the right decision for myself. I know that the pain that I'm experiencing now, will pass very shortly. And I'll be up and around, and just be better!!

I wish you all the best, and please, keep me posted.


on 2/15/18 10:54 am - TX

I was considering the DS at first but decided to just go with the RNY revision.

on 2/16/18 6:40 am
VSG on 06/30/15

Hi Annette-

I am so glad I found this forum. I have had a hard time finding personal experiences with the sleeve to RNY revisions. I got my sleeve done on 06/30/2015, went from 258 down to 174 pounds. I got pregnant and had the baby on 03/01/2017, gain about 32 pounds, lost it all but these last 6 stubborn pounds. I have tired the pouch reset, low carb, and high protein and nothing! I go from 180 to 184 for months. I even nurse a almost 1 year old baby! I was just approved for my revision. I had an excellent recovery from my sleeve, minimal pain, just some gas pain while in the hospital but other then that I was fine. I am curious as to how it was feel now. Any tips on what to expect this time around? I would appreciate all your help.

Thank you,


on 2/16/18 11:01 am - Doylestown, PA

Hi Ana....

I actually had the sleeve to DS revision, and not the RNY. But my biggest issue is the soreness, and remembering that I can no longer gulp water. I have to sip throughout the day.

But I have seen several posts for the sleeve to RNY revision, so can someone help answer Ana's question as to what to expect?

Thanks much!