Nicotine Testing Stress

on 2/13/18 8:44 pm

My first surgery, it took 3 months from when I finished my appointments to when I actually got my surgery. I'm now doing a revision. After a ton of stress, I'd unfortunately picked up smoking again. My plan was to wait until my last appointment, and then quit, as I "knew" I'd then have the required 3 months.

That didn't happen. I had switched my insurance in the middle of the process, and this insurance approved immediately. Packet was sent Friday, and I got the call this morning that I was approved and was given my surgery date.

Pre-Op work, including Nicotine testing, is on the 19th. I tossed the pack of cigarettes as soon as I got the call in a panic, as again, I truly did not expect this. Now I'm terrified that my monumental screw-up of timing is going to cost me my surgery.

Yes, I should have quit sooner. Extenuating cir****tances. However, now I'm reading everything online that I can find, trying to figure out just how badly my results might read.

I am 380lbs, 5'5. I've been a pack a day smoker for years, but gave it up 5 years ago, and only started back again last August. I did pass the test for my first surgery without issue. I didn't have any cigarettes before getting the phone call this morning, so today (13th) is day one.

I plan to drink water like a fish to flush out toxins, which I normally do anyways. Has anyone else gone through this so close to their pre-op testing? Is there anything else that might help lower the levels enough to pass? Obviously, I will not be adding any further nicotine to my system. Any advice that might help is welcome!

on 2/14/18 1:33 pm - West Allis, WI

No advice but good luck!!!

on 2/18/18 10:22 pm

Thank you! Testing is tomorrow, I'm hoping and praying my waterlogged self has flushed everything through my system as best as I can! :)

on 2/28/18 2:46 pm - Normal, IL did it go?

I'm asking because I'm a smoker and I'm afraid I may be fast tracked for surgery. Help! I don't feel ready to quit! Or able to!!

on 2/28/18 3:27 pm

Hello! I passed! Lots and lots of water and Vitamin C, and I passed as a nonsmoker that hangs around a few smokers, at least that's what it said when I looked up the level determinations. Good luck! I wasn't ready either, but I kept telling myself- to lose weight, it's worth it to me!

on 8/15/18 3:05 pm

Hi! I just had a question? What type of test was give, urine or blood? And when did you stop smoking before they give you the test? Thanks so much hope to hear back from you!