Lap band to RNY revision

on 2/20/18 9:41 am

Are these revisions normally done in one surgery or two?

Referral ~ early November 2017, Orientation ~ January 10th, 2018, Social Worker ~ February 13th, 2018, Dietitian ~ February 13, 2018, Registered Nurse ~ February 14th, 2018, OTN with Dr. Lindsay ~ February 22nd, 2018, Pre-Op and Gastroscopy ~ February 26th, 2018, Liquid Diet ~ March 8th, 2018, Surgery ~ March 29th, 2018 not completed due to complications, Surgery ~ May 30th, 2018!

Jennifer P.
on 2/20/18 12:42 pm - KS
Revision on 11/08/17

I think it depends on your surgeon and how much damage he may find when he removes your lapband. I had to wait 6 months after my band was removed. However, there are other people my surgeon did the very same day. Good luck!

on 2/23/18 3:00 am
RNY on 03/14/18

I'm having my band removed on 13/03/2018 and revising to RNY. Will keep you posted as to how it goes.

on 2/25/18 1:07 pm
RNY on 10/01/12

My revision surgery was one surgery. My surgeon even repaired a hernia I didn't know I had.

Melissa M.
on 2/27/18 9:26 pm - darlington, WI
Revision on 07/25/18

I just saw a surgeon today after having the lap band slip after 10 1/2 years and the surgeon said he can do it all in one procedure. good luck to you: I personally was doing good and got down to 137 lbs from 280 lbs with the band until I got pneumonia twice within six months so now I will have to have surgery no matter what.

Melissa M