Questions about the surgery for lengthening the common channel

on 2/23/18 2:13 pm - Frankfort, KY

I apologize in advance for this being so long. I have rewritten it several times trying to make it shorter. This is the best I could do.

I am facing the very real possibility of having the surgery to lengthen my common channel. I don't hardly know anything about how it affects you. I tried to search for info on some support sites, but all I get are people talking about how long theirs is or how long should it be. My doctor is a long way off from where I live, and I have not been able to get there to get answers. He did say he would want me to be in the hospital a week before the surgery getting nutrition.

I had a revision from the RNY to the DS in Jan 2013. I am 5'3" and currently weigh 101 lbs. My labs are good-not great. I started losing too much weight about 10 months after the surgery. My doctor told me to eat constantly, all the time, and gave me Pancrease. The pancrease hurt my stomach, and I got down to 99 lbs. in 2014. Trying to eat all that food, I have almost constant very painful stomachaches, gas and bloating got very severe, and my bowel movements were very frequent and so urgent, most of the time I didn't make it to the bathroom. But I rarely had diarrhea. I got up to 115 lbs. for a little over a year, but then started coming back down to my current 101 lb. I seldom leave the house because of the urgent/frequent bowel movements.

I have lost all taste for food. I am never hungry. Food tastes funny, or like sawdust. I forget to eat. I changed my diet several times. Sometimes a food will not bother me, then later it will. I dread eating. This has all gotten so bad, I can't take it anymore.

If anyone has had this surgery, can you tell me-

If it will help with not wanting to eat and food tasting funny?

Will it help my appetite?

Will it help with the stomachaches, gas, bloating, and urgent/too frequent bowel movements?

How long are you in the hospital? How long is recovery?

Did it cure your malabsorption problem?

How do you get nutrition in the hospital? (I realize there may be more than one way).

Are there additional lifestyle changes you have to add to your life?

Thank you for your patience. I would be so grateful with any answers you can give me.

on 2/25/18 6:18 pm
Revision on 09/14/17

I have no information about what you are about to face. However I would speak on the taste and lack of desire for food. I have had some issues since my revision where the taste is horrendous. It's not the food it's in my mouth and the Dietitian told me it was ketosis. It's something we commonly go in and out of but one of the big distinctions is the taste. When I get that taste I up my carbs that is the only thing that really helps me in that situation to yank me out. She suggested to me me to drink Juicy Juice three times a day till I come out. So most likely with such malabsorption your experiencing it. I know many people work hard to be in ketosis when doing regular diets but it's no fun when you struggle with food in general like you are speaking of. I also have had a lack of desire for food because I need to eat so much protein all I do is eat. After a while it's more a job than a joy. I honestly think once they get you situated where you can eat more normally you will relax and find enjoyment in meals again. I know when I am not so stressed to get every bite down required and can actually enjoy what is before me I do find the desire for it. Prayers for you and fingers crossed. Good luck!