Possible VBG revision

on 2/27/18 3:31 pm


In April of 2002 I have the VBG procedure done by Dr. Beryl Harberg in Houston TX. He passed away in 2006. Back then the only after care I received was "Don't swallow anything bigger than an M&N, don't eat sausage casings and chew chew chew!!" I went from 274 pounds down to 163 pounds.. slowly went back up to and stayed around 185 for a few years, then up to around 200 for a few years and now 15 years later I'm up to 238 pounds. Now my weight although I hate it isn't bothering me too horribly bad. I mean it is what it is but what is concerning me is that I have not been to a doctor since 2003 and since that time I have had very bad episodes of ulcer attacks, been to the emergency rooms because of them. They give me some green concoction that tastes horrible but stops it and tell me to take certain meds and then they send me home. I have learned over the years that when this happens I can just start chugging water and MOST of the time after about 10 minutes of drinking it goes away.. when it doesn't I feel like I'm dying... I also have a constant full feeling when I eat.. even if it's just a small amount. It feels like it affects the amount of air I can take into my lungs. And last but not least I fell sharp pains, not all the time but here and there right where my VBG should be. Feels like a bee is stinging me. Might happen 40 x a week or 2.. but for the past 4 or so years it's been consistent.. just another thing I deal with..

Has anyone out there had an ulcer with their VBG? Anyone use Dr. Harberg? Anyone have a revision from a VBG?