VBG Revision in Texas

on 3/3/18 2:39 am

Hello.. I had VBG done in October of 2002 in Lubbock tx. I lost over 100lbs, but have since gained it all back. I vomit multiple times a day and have since about 6 months out. I have converted to adaptive eating (soft foods, ice cream, mashed potatoes, soups) which I know has led to my weight gain. I had an evaluation with a bariatric surgeon in my hometown. My Endoscopy showed a 1cm size outlet from my pouch into my stomach but according to him, everything looked intact. My EGD showed severe reflux which I ended up vomiting all I had ingested before the images were taken. I'm looking for a bariatric surgeon to do a revision in Texas. From what I hear this is a complicated surgery. Has anyone had this experience and or recommend someone for me to see?? Thank You.

on 3/6/18 5:55 pm - San Antonio, TX


Have you visited this site www.bmioftexas.com I'm going here for my revision.

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on 3/6/18 6:25 pm

Thank You!!

on 3/22/18 6:47 am

Where are you from Krutledge? I'm seeing Dr. Turnquest in Houston.. not sure If I will be having a revision but I had a VBG with Dr. Harberg (deceased) in Houston in 2001. I didn't have any problems until lately. I'm having problems feeling like I can't get enough air in my lungs after I eat. Not to mention years of on again and off again ulcer pain..and bee stinging pain right at my sternum or upper part of scar.

on 3/28/18 5:01 pm
DS on 05/08/18

I am preparing to have revision from VBG to duedonal switch by Dr Syn in Lubbock. Just starting process.

on 4/27/18 1:49 am

I met with Dr. Ayoola. He is doing my rny to DS, as soon as I get the money or insurance to cover it. Tell him Angelina sent you.

on 7/13/18 4:18 am


i had a VBG as well in Lubbock by Dr. Hall.

I am having problems with H Pylori. It is know amongst several people who have had this procedure. I am in the process of having it revised. My doctor is doing the Gastic By Pass. The acid reflex may also be a sign of H Pylori as well. It is believed due to food getting stuck. When it rotten it turns to a bacteria . I had my apron removed from my stomach and they found a hernia . So another thing to worry about . Anyway hope this helps. EHAYWOOD