11 years post op ds, regain revision question?

on 4/8/18 6:54 pm - stittsville, Canada

Anyone here post op Ds have a revision done? Surgeon is willing to resleave but I feel it's not enough I still have great restriction I need malabsorption.. looking for others who have had a revision and what your experience was.. thanks

Amy R.
on 4/16/18 1:05 pm, edited 4/16/18 6:06 am

Sorry, but I am just seeing this. The Revision Forum has become somewhat of an after thought here over the years.

Are you saying that you already have the DS and you need more malabsorption? I can't imagine that I'm reading that correctly. But either way, there is a DS Forum here on OH and you may want to head over there if you're still around. They would be able to help you the most.

edited because I forgot to add that we do have one lady I know here that revised from the DS to the RnY. You might also try posting this on the Main Board and might catch her there. Or if you want to PM me I can connect her to your post here. Good Luck.

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