revision from lap band to gastric bypass

on 4/29/19 2:40 pm

I had my lap band surgery about 14 years ago with much success, losing over 100pds. I went to a different doctor 9/18 to have it deflated and got an infection from procedure of doctor. Gained 60 pds in 5 months! I just had gastric bypass 4/18 and have only lost 5 pds. I'm still on the puree diet and not eating much. Plus my stomach is so swollen and bloated. Is this normal? Seems like with lap weight loss was much quicker.

Any suggestions?

on 4/30/19 8:20 am

I had lap band in 2006, had revision to bypass on 4/7/19. It has been an interesting ride so far. Don't worry about the slow beginning. I was exactly the same. My doctor and his nurses told me that the surgery to remove the band and then do bypass is much more taxing on your body that just a bypass would be. It took my body about a month to settle down and stop storing every calorie, then I lost about 20 lbs quickly, now I'm stalled again. It seems that revision weight loss moves a little slower than straightforward bypass. Also, the feeling of restriction with bypass is completely different than with lap band. I kept waiting to feel that intense band restriction and would end up vomiting. It's a much more subtle full feeling that I'm still getting used to.

on 4/30/19 2:52 pm

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Are you still bloated? Also did you have an incision where they took the lap band out? Mine is about 2 inches deep and I have a home health aide come by every other day to clean and change packing

on 5/1/19 1:06 pm

No, the bloating has gone away. There was a very deep incision from the lap band port removal that I also had to have packed. I found that incision to be very painful. The doctor said he had to cut through a lot of muscle to get to the port. It has healed now and no longer hurts. Overall, I found the revision surgery to be pretty difficult to recover from and my doctor said it was significantly more invasive than just a gastric bypass.

on 5/1/19 5:23 pm

I had my lap band removed last year and have gained 50 lbs I was approved today for RNY waiting to schedule but I'm worried a lot of people said I'm easting my time i won't lose much because its a revision

on 5/5/19 5:55 am, edited 5/4/19 10:58 pm
Revision on 08/16/18

I revised from lapband to RNY last August and I'm down 124 pounds. You can see the specifics in my signature line.

I don't know why you couldn't be successful converting from lapband to RNY. It gave me a tool that actually works. Not to mention I have had ZERO issues with food getting stuck or throwing up, which happened way too often with my Band. There are a number of people on this site that have successfully met their goals after converting from Lapband. Follow your program and show those people they have no idea what they are taking about!

Good luck!

Band to RNY 8/16/18

Age: 33, Height: 5'4"

HW: 299 (Pre-LB), RNY Consult: 260, SW: 248, GW: 145 (reached 3/31), New Goal: 130, CW: 133.0

Pre-op: -13, M1: -20, M2: -15, M3: -15, M4: -15, M5: -13, M6: -13, M7: -9, M8: -9, M9: -3, M10:

on 8/6/19 5:59 pm

Hi, I am new. I had my lapband surgery 13 years ago it was successful and I weighed 57 kg. I had emergency surgery to get it removed due to slippage, and I was so dehydrated it became a major drama. It caused Barrets Metaplasia and as soon as it was removed I gained a whopping 24 kg. Undergoing Gastric bypass on the 26/8/2019. Scared and I am hopeful I can get back on track. I Walk 8km everyday so I am quite active and love to ride my bike in summer. Currently on day two of the liquid protein diet....pre surgery. Love to hear success revision stories, it's a bit scary.