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on 6/15/19 6:27 pm - tampa, FL

Has anyone either been told you couldn't get the duodenal switch due to your pouch not be long enough? And if you would still be able to get the rny revision? I had my egd done and he said my pouch is measuring 5cm and should be 7cm. Di I'm quite upset because i really wanted the ds. Wondering if I should do a second opinion with another doctor.

on 6/16/19 4:49 am - WI

RNY to DS revisions are very difficult and there are very few surgeons in the entire country that are qualified to do them. You have to take down the original RNY completely before you perform the DS revision. I have never heard of someone's "pouch being too short" to do a revision.

It sounds like the doctor does not want to do the very complicated DS revision. They will try to talk you into a Distal RNY instead, telling you that it's "almost the same" as DS. It is NOT. You will have to be very compliant with vitamin supplementation because deficiencies are common with Distal RNY, as is chronic diarrhea.

If you have had the tests to see if your pouch is intact and functioning properly and you don't have a mechanical malfunction of the original surgery, you can still lose regain. There are many people on this site who have reached goal years after surgery without revision. It will not be easy, but it can be done. If your pouch is working fine, you can go back to basics and eat like you did right after surgery. Protein first, and very low carbs.

If you must have a revision then make sure you find a reputable surgeon with lots of experience doing RNY to DS revisions. This is a VERY complicated surgery and should be taken seriously. You may have to travel pretty far to get it done correctly.

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on 8/22/19 6:06 pm - Washington, DC

How many people do you know who have had bad experiences revising to a Distal ..has anyone done well with this? The surgeon I met with in DC area said going to DS is too complicated as I got my original bypass 20 years ago and it was done in a different way, and that distal would be a good solution. Also..who is the New York surgeon *****vises to DS? Thanks..

H.A.L.A B.
on 6/17/19 8:16 am

As far as I know, there are only 3 surgeons in US who done the RNY to DS revision and people had normal life after. 2 are in CA and 1 is in NY (i think). As rocky mentioned, distal RNY is one of the worst of the 3 RNY, DS and RNY distal. If you want DS - don't sett;e of RNY distal.

And for revision RNy to DS - some people had that done by other than the 3 docs - and soe of them are not here to tell their horror stories, others - were lucky enough to be able to get correction of their botched revision surgery by highly qualified doctor. They are alive today because the experienced doc was able to correct their botched insides.

Post that question on DS forum. You probably get much better advices.

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