VSG - 10 Years on. Weight Gain - Reflux etc - Revision suggested

on 7/1/19 2:17 pm
Hi All.

Its been 11 years actually since my procedure which saw me drop from 180 to 80kg. A huge loss, and something i maintained +/- 10 kg for 8 years.

Unfortunately it then changed and ive had a bad gain, im currently up to 110kg ( not horrible for a male, ) but an increase, my reflux is very bad and im on lansoprazole daily ( without it the day isnt great ).

Im trying to find others who are a decent way out of their surgery date, and wanting to know if you may have undergone an RNY revision to address these concerns. My dr is saying that the only way to fix the heartburn is with an RNY ( given we have no stomach to use normally ) and that RNY is now not that big of a deal given the improvements in surgery techniques ( larger pouch, smaller stoma, and other techniques ).. also that laproscopic surgery has come a long way and stapling is much improved and less concerns.

So can you share your experiences?

Need some decide what i do next to help with teh weight and the reflux..



on 7/10/19 11:17 pm - Rubi, Spain

You almost a copy of me, I'm 13 years post-op and I started regaigning weigth after 5 years when my reflux started, tomorrow I'm gonna have my revision, VSG to SADI-S (loop DS) on pre-op they have found my reflux is due an hiatus hernia, so they will correct my hernia and do the SADI-S.

I'm from Spain so I can't help you with doctors.

on 7/21/19 6:31 am

I am 12 years post sleeve. I lost over 100 lbs and I haven't had the weight gain. However, recently I started having severe reflux and I had a large para esophageal hernia that pushed my stomach into my chest cavity.

My surgeon was able to repair the hernia, reconstruct my diaphragm and pull my my esophagus and stomach back into place. We thought everything was great, but the reflux did not go away. I basically throw up after each meal.

I had my sleeve in Mexico and paid out of pocket for it. My insurance now that I've only had for 5 years said because I didn't go through the insurance that I had 12 years ago they won't cover. They are in the process of recouping money they have paid for all my procedures. So, in addition to having the reflux, I now have the added stress from the insurance company.

My insurance changes to Medicare in December and they should cover most of the RNY. I'm going to deal with the reflux until that time and I'm searching for an attorney to fight my insurance company.

If you decide to have the RNY, I would love to see how your results are. I am worried that if I do have the RNY that it may not fix the problem. My doctor at the Mayo Clinic assures me that the problem will be resolved.

Good luck on your journey!

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