RNY revision to Long-Limb at age 62?

on 7/27/19 1:11 am

I had RNY about 20 years ago, went from 260 lbs to 180, then eventually gained back up to 315. Now I am considering a revision called Long-Limb, which extends the channel from the pouch to the intestines and removes the old unused stomach too. My consult is August 1. Has anyone had this done? I had been interested in an endoscopic stoma-reducing procedure but the surgeon thinks long-limb will be better at my BMI (49). Thanks for sharing any personal experience you've had!

H.A.L.A B.
on 7/28/19 12:01 pm

I personally wouldn't consider long limb RNY. That is probably known as the worste combination of any WLS. It can cause severe malabsorption of proteins, minerals and vitamins, severe diarrhea, and overall problems.

If anything - I would consider revising to DS, but to to that, you would need one of a very few doctors who are very experienced to do that.

I would suggest posting your question on the DS forum. There are only a very few doctors who can successfully convert RNY to DS. Using any other doc, who is either new to that, or not very good in that, can cause severe damage, severe complication, and eventually painful death if not corrected. Please consider asking on DS forum.

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on 7/28/19 12:10 pm

WOW. That's quite a scary opinion. I will certainly consider what you have said and investigate more. The surgeons are extremely reputable and are in a Harvard Medical School affiliated hospital in Boston, so I would think that they know what they're doing, but the side effects you describe are perfectly ghastly! I will not just blindly go ahead with the revision. More research is called for. Thank you!

on 8/8/19 2:25 pm - Gastonia, NC

I'm 66, and looking at doing the distal RNY or the change to the DS. I had my RNY in 1997. It served me very well allowing me to lose 212 pounds and keep them off until the past 2 yrs. I have regained 40 of the 212 pounds over that time. I have DDD, spinal stenosis and arthritis from early onset and severe Osteoporosis. I took Fosamax x 7 yrs which did nothing for me. I took 2 years of orteo injections (daily) and that has slowed the Osteoporosis but not built any bone. I have been fighting back pain and now excruciating back pain for 5 yrs. Had Xrays ,MRI and last week was told I need a 10 level spinal fusion to help the pain but no guarantee it will stop the pain. It will stop me from EVER bending or twisting or stretching again. Ortho wants me to lose the 40 pounds and maybe 30 more prior to the spinal surgery.

I have an appt at a large Medical Center/Teaching hospital that does revisions to the RNY. I don't know which they will offer but I feel comfortable allowing them to evaluate me and at least give me their thoughts. I feel at 66 ye old it really matters little the malabsorption side effect etc....I have then from the original RNY. I was dedicated to taking all the Vitamins, B-12, etc and had my labs drawn yearly and still got handed this mess. If it works and I lose the 40+ pounds then I get to decide about the spinal fusion. I won't allow anyone who has not been doing these surgeries to do my surgery.

on 10/10/19 1:01 pm
Revision on 12/07/19

Did you get the Surgery and if so how it go I am having the revisional long limb as well.

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