Revision 8/20 - Anyone else on the same date?

on 7/27/19 7:53 pm - Milford, NJ

I am pretty flipping enthused- my insurance came through and I finally got my date for revision (rny -> DS).

I had my rny in 2006, maintained well until I had a spinal fracture and subsequent issues.

How do I get one of those cool tape measure things in my profile?

My only real concern is that I have to be at school for half days on Sept 3/4/5. No full days until the 9th. I figure I can have help setting up my classroom - not much to do (fingers crossed).

on 8/13/19 10:42 am - Lansdowne, PA

I am thinking about having this done. Let me know how things go.

Good luck!

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