Hiatal Hernia Repair/Revision VSG-RNY-Recovery time?

on 8/10/19 10:33 am
VSG on 11/25/13

Hello Group!

I'm scheduled for Hiatal Hernia repair/ revision from VSG to RNY surgery on December 12, 2019. My question for those that had this type of surgery, how long is the recovery time? How much time did you take off from work? I understand it varies from person to person, but I would like an estimated recovery time.

Thank you

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on 8/12/19 10:11 am
RNY on 08/05/19

I had my VSG to RNY, plus hernia repair, on July 29th. I was in the hospital for two nights, took two weeks off of work, and just came back to work today. (I have a desk job, so my doctor had no problem clearing me to come back to work.)

I'm pretty tired today, but I'm holding up OK, so I should be fine to keep working as long as I can take naps when I get home from the office.

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