Was it hard to get your surgeon to do a revision?

on 7/14/20 2:36 am - tracy, CA

Hi- My name is Carrie and i had a RNY 16 years ago. I have gained my weight back this last couple years and wondered how anyone has gone about getting a revision. Are the surgeons agreeable to do them, or did I just get the one time and I failed after all these years? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Would love to hear your experiences in broaching the subject with your surgeon.

on 7/15/20 7:53 pm

I didnt go back to my same surgeon. I am waiting on insurance approval now. Some surgeons don't do revisions, but others do. I am going out of state for my surgery because of my surgeons expertise and reviews.

on 8/2/20 4:56 am

Hi my name is Raizel

I had surgery 2006 and lost 170lbs and regained 70lbs 3 kids and life. I have tried to loose and I just can't stay on the wagon. I am with a new surgeon ut more because I had emergency surgery 6 weeks ago when I went to ER 2am for abdominal pain, chills, and vomiting. I had 2 internal hernias. It is common i am told for leolen5who loose lot of weight in a short period of time. Anyway I met my new bariatric surgeon. I have an endoscopy to do this Tuesday to check my pouch as he cod not before in my emergency surgery. My hernia had almost my entire small intestines through my abdominal wall. Worse than labor pains.

We have discussed a revision but there are two parts one part where he will just go in endoscopiclly and titen my opening in if is too large and the full revision was be to create new malabsorption by cutting my stomach again and reattach lower in the intestine.

We will see how my piuch looks and then decide. If my pouch is stretched it will most likely tighten my opening and not do full revision. There's not major down time just tighten from top endoscopic way.

Good luck

I had gastricbypss

Hw 350

Lw 175

Cw 250

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