Gastric plication revision

on 8/28/20 3:02 pm - Woodside, NY

Hi all!

I had gastric plication back in 2014. I reached goal weight in 2015 and gained all the weight back + an additional 90 lbs since. (Yikes)

I had gastric plication originally in Mexico because my BMI was low. I am located in NJ and with two young children would prefer to stay in the tristate area.

i am meeting with Dr. Dakin and Dr. Roslin in the next two weeks. Any reviews of the above and recommendations ?

i would like to be converted to a sleeve but I am open to considering DS considering my current BMI is 49

Brandi Girl
on 9/20/20 3:33 pm
WLS on 10/18/11

I know this is an old post, but I am curious how things went for you? I had Gastric Plication back in 2011. Lost all my weight and kept it off until almost 2 years ago. Now I have gained it all back and quickly headed to more. I had my G.P. done in Michigan and paid cash for it. I am just wondering now if my insurance will cover a revision surgery for me since I have 'failed' at my first surgery. And if Dr.'s are still willing to take you on as a patient knowing you failed in the past? Probably questions you can not help me with, but if you can give me any info in what you dealt with it would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you!!


on 9/20/20 5:17 pm - Woodside, NY

post isn't that old! lol

have you had any testing done since surgery? like an upper GI or barium swallow?

I had both done in 2018 and have confirmed that I have stretched out my stomach. I have since repeated the EGD last week and will be scheduling revision surgery soon.

I have consulted with four bariatrics surgeons. It was easy for me to pick which surgeon to go with because I ultimately picked the surgeon that had experience revising a gastric plication and is confident in his ability to convert me to a sleeve and do a loop ds/modified DS.

His practice has a lot more experience dealing with revision patients and will be submitting my case as a technical failure and as such I don't need to jump through so many hoops like a new patient. The other practices had less experience with revision surgeries and were willing to operate on me but for insurance purposes were treating me as a new patient.

Overall my options were; gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, loop DS.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Brandi Girl
on 9/21/20 5:44 am
WLS on 10/18/11

Thank you for your quick response! I see now I looked at the date posted incorrectly! LOL

I have only now just begun to look into getting a revision. But during my last 9 years I have NEVER spoke with another general doctor who has even heard of Gastric Plication! I hope I have better luck when I begin looking for a doctor to do my revision. LOL

I did recently have an endoscopy procedure done to check on GERD and that GI doctor she could tell my stomach was still stitched, but since she was unfamiliar with the procedure she didn't know if it was stretched or not.

Guess my main fear is that it will be denied by insurance due to MY failure not the procedure's failure. But only way to know for sure is to try. Fingers crossed.

I hope you continue to post so I can follow along with your journey. Wishing you best of luck and health!

Thank you so much!!


on 10/31/20 4:11 pm - Woodside, NY

hey hey, any update?

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