RNY to a Lap Band over bypass...thinking of another revision.

on 9/16/20 4:26 pm - Orlando, FL

Ok...can I be the only one that is/has been in this position. My RNY was in 1998. I weighed 380lbs. Lowest weight 175. After about 5 years they found that several of my staples were "loose". I didn't blow my staple line but my staples were coming undone and had to be removed. I had a band put over my bypass in 2010. Weight at the time of my band : 190. I maintained that until about 2 years ago when weight started to come back on. I am in menopause, have a mild thyroid issues, have been eating way off program and currently am 220. I am considering some sort of revision. Has anyone ever had their band removed and done something else even with a gastric bypass??? My procedure was open so I am concerned they would have to open me up again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. PS...I am a triathlete ... exercise is not the problem...but you can't work off a bad diet.

White Dove
on 9/17/20 6:18 am

Most very successful people manage to keep off about 80 pounds after five years. You have kept off double that amount for 22 years and must be in wonderful health to be a triathlete.

Your diet must not be that bad either. I used to compare the diet after weight loss surgery to feeding a new born baby. Your new pouch might be happy with protein shakes and your tiny baby might be happy with a bottle of formula, but your teenager will want different foods.

The only thing that can be done with a gastric bypass would be a DS. And that is an extremely risky revision that only a few surgeons in the world are qualified to do. It could have a very detrimental effect on your health and quality of life.

I have that dream of being back to my lowest weight. About five years ago, I was really sick and in a lot of pain with a back injury. I did not want to eat and I did go back down to my lowest weight. It was a miserable experience with constant pain, no sleep, no exercise and no desire to eat.

When I got better, that weight came back as quickly as I lost it. And it bought a few friends back with it. I have come to the point where I accept where my body has landed. That does not mean that I don't track my weight, my food, and my exercise. I am always very aware of what I weigh and always working to keep the pounds off. I do that now with daily weighing, tracking my steps and exercise, and following the Weigh****chers points program.

I think that there is a point in life where you accept the place where your weight landed. Then do your best to live your healthiest life. Just my thoughts.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/3/20 11:22 pm

If another revision is safe and/or useful is a question you have to discuss with an experienced surgeon.

Regarding your diet you didn't provide any information about your current diet. Do you have problems when it comes to the quality of foods, with the quantity or with both? Any allergies? Intolerances?

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