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on 9/20/20 3:31 pm
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i had a RNy 9 years ago. I never got to my desired weight, but was happy at 225. Well I went up to 310 ?. Of course my eating wrong was an issue. Long story short, my surgeon went in fixed my hiatal hernia,and was gonna try a revision, but my pouch was incased in scar tissue, he couldn't do anything with my small intestine because of extreme scar tissue. Said it was just to risky for infection and other problems. He was able to trim my pouch which wasn't as bad as they thought. It was just stuck an entwined in scar tissue. He had to move organs around and pull everything down that got stuck and protruded through my stomach.Omg this was painful. Anyhow will this help with weight loss? He trimmed the pouch, did something with the stoma. I think made it smaller somehow and that's all he could do as far as revision. I'm so disappointed. He says the restriction will help and the other Dr at the hospital said it won't help with weight loss? Have no idea what to believe?

White Dove
on 9/22/20 2:10 pm

The 100 pound weight loss after RNY is due to the restricted size of the stomach and to the malabsorption caused by bypassing the intestines.

That is a once in a lifetime experience. Once your body has figured out how to absorb food again and you have learned to outeat your surgery, then excess weight is extremely hard to lose. The average revision, even if it goes perfectly, will result in a 20 pound weight loss.

And much of that is from the liquid diet before and after surgery. The only way to ever lose weight again is to do it with calorie restriction. Trimming the pouch and tightening the stoma will help if you eat small meals and never drink with your meals. When you drink with a meal, the food runs right out and does not keep you full.

Take a look at this video Drinking with meals

I follow the Weigh****chers plan when I need to drop some pounds. Many people use Keto.

The things you must do for life are limit calories, never drink with meals, take vitamins, and get blood work done at least yearly. I also must have a smart scale and must weigh myself every day. If I stop doing that, I gain very quickly.

It is very possible to lose the weight again, but you have to be realistic and do it the same way as people who never had surgery. It will take about a year of hard work. Many people find it helps them to stay accountable if they plan and post their meals for the day.

We have a daily thread on the RNY board where we do that. Please join us there.

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on 9/22/20 3:24 pm
Revision on 09/09/20

Thanks for your reply?. Yes I know about the malabsorption. The doctor was going to try and bypass more of my intestines to give me the malabsorption. Unfortunately it was to dangerous as I was already under anesthesia 6 hrs. I had a tremendous amt of scar tissue. He felt I could end up with infections and severe malabsorption issues. So it was disappointing, but he had to do the right thing and not proceed with that part.What is the name of the blog to list your foods. I'm still on soft/ full liquid but would like to check it out. Also do you just count calories? Or do you count fat and carbs as well? Thanks again

White Dove
on 9/22/20 3:34 pm, edited 9/22/20 8:36 am

I concentrate on calories. With Weigh****chers, I do their points system, but it is roughly 50 calories per point. So 20 points is about 1000 calories a day.

Go to the RNY board and there will be a new post every day.

This is some information about the extended RNY that he was going to do. After you read it, you might be glad you did not get it. I have heard it described as the worst possible RNY.

Extended RNY

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

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