Which insurance companies approved your revision?

on 10/28/20 1:13 pm - NY
RNY on 09/21/05 with

I had my RNY gastric bypass in 2005. I lost 120 pounds and kept most of it off until about 6 years ago...started creeping up and up. Tried all the diets and have decided to go for a revision. I visited my same surguery group, New York Bariatric Group, and went through all of my testing over the summer. Now waiting on approval & surgery date. Been waiting for a MONTH. I have NYSHIP. Any thoughts?


White Dove
on 10/29/20 7:43 pm

It took over a month for my approval for my RNY. The company had a board that met once a month to approve surgeries. My request happened to get submitted the day after they met for that month. Call the number on your insurance card and ask for a status update.

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on 10/31/20 4:15 pm - Woodside, NY

They are obligated to follow a legal turnaround time. I am with Cigna and I knew they have 30 days to respond but they responded with 5 business days. I was denied, had a peer to peer, resubmitted, and approved all within a month's time.

on 11/7/20 3:39 pm

Hi,would you mind me asking what was needed to get it approved. My insurance company requested more information before approval.

on 11/7/20 6:54 pm - Woodside, NY

your insurance information is requesting more information from your provider, which means your provider was provided with that information and either they will reach out or you can be proactive and reach out to them and ask what they need. You may try and call insurance as well and a nice rep may give you that information

on 11/18/20 9:06 am

Have you heard back yet in your approval? Fingers crossed for you!

on 11/18/20 9:22 am - NY
RNY on 09/21/05 with

Yes!!!!! I was approved by NYSHIP and I am having my revision on December 2nd. Began my 2-week liquid diet today!

on 11/18/20 9:36 am

congratulations!! Wonderful news!!!

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