Stapled Revision, Lap Band Over Bypass, Distalization or ROSE procedure

on 6/24/21 6:10 pm

Okay- so, for those following, I am sharing because I think revision after bypass is a little taboo... I find myself feeling ashamed for the weight gain but grateful that with help, I have stopped the weight gain. However, the damage is done. Now I need help getting it off, and I am seeking that with a wonderful dietician and (fingers crossed) with a revision surgery.

I walked through the thoughts of revision exactly one month ago. I called me prior surgeon because after years of epigastric pain and Zantac use and lower abdominal pain for which I wanted a second opinion.

SIDE NOTE: (Little history: I am 5' 7" had RNY on 9/11/2007, lost 122 pounds went from 282 to 162. Stayed there for 1-2 years. Gained and went to 193. Then in 2015 back down to 160 by working 2 jobs and getting 10,000+ steps per day. 2018 fell off the wagon and dealing with grief of a loved one, apparently I grieve by eating - I thought I had beat this eating thing, but clearly I didn't. Steady gain from 2019 to early 2020. Then the pandemic and I went back to 231 and at most 700 steps per day). My current weight is 225. BMI 35.2

Okay so fast forward to June 2010- I had a mesentic hernia and bowel obstruction and underwent emergency surgery. The pains I have now are similar but not as intense and come and go with little to no long term events.

I had a CT scan this week and an endoscopy today all, normal, normal, normal. I am glad for this - but also frustrated.

Per my surgeon I have stretched pouch and my anatomy is suitable for stapled revision, lap band over bypass, distalization or ROSE procedure. I know what the lap band is and I don't think I want that. I have heard of the ROSE and leaning toward this but the other two, stapled revision and distalization --- what are these?

I will be making an follow up appointment to discuss these more with my surgeon. He thinks I should consider a diagnostic laparoscopy and while in there, he can do a revision. I have a TON to consider. I would love to hear if any of you have any thoughts or experience with ANY of these.

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