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on 10/30/21 4:37 pm

Hi! I had gastric sleeve in 2015 and lost about 100 lbs. I had some stuff go on in my life and unfortunately went back to my old ways. Over the course of so many years most of the weight has crept back on.

I'm so disappointed in myself and embarrassed.

my question is: we are getting a new insurance carrier at work as of Jan 1 (moving to Cigna) when they say "30k lifetime maximum" for bariatric surgery is that for MY lifetime or the plan? So would my surgery that I had under AETNA disqualify me for Cigna? I know the best is to call and ask but it was just on my mind right now.

also, please be nice. I'm already beating myself up about this.

White Dove
on 10/31/21 7:29 am, edited 10/31/21 4:53 am - Warren, OH

The lifetime limit for weight loss surgery refers to the lifetime of the patient. You can't change insurance companies and start a new lifetime.

Most weight loss surgery patients lose about 100 pounds. Most gain back about 20 pounds during the third year after surgery. By year five 50% have gained back 50 pounds. Some people gain back all or their lost weight and more. You are not unusual.

Research the different types of revision. You will likely be paying out of pocket if you decide to do it. I have been watching this board since 2003 and have yet to see a revision person lose more than 20 pounds from their revision. There are a few exceptions who go on strict diet and exercise programs and stick to them. They do lose more weight, but might be exercising three or more hours a day.

If a surgeon offers to tighten your sleeve, that will make almost no difference after a month. You already know how to eat enough to gain weight with a sleeve and that will not change. Distal RNY causes more malabsorption. But it only helps if you eat a high fat diet with very few carbs. Because carbs will still be absorbed. It also causes gas and diarrhea, possibly to the point where you will need diapers for life.

The way to lose weight is by taking in less calories than you burn. It will not be fast and easy like it is after the first weight loss surgery. When I started regaining, I went back to Weigh****chers. I counted points and tracked exercise. I have had several regains and lost it again since 2007.

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on 10/31/21 11:09 am
RNY on 06/03/15
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on 10/31/21 11:54 am - Warren, OH

Thanks, I fixed it.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/22/21 8:01 pm
Revision on 09/09/20

I believe your new insurance has their own rules. I don't think they will count what you had with your other insurance company. That was thier rule. I'm sure you will be fine and be covered. Good luck

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For the plan only. I'd also like to add that weight loss is slower, I'm losing 7lbs a month but it's worth it. I'm in other groups and people have lost 80-100 lbs in a year. I see a lot of posts here saying you can't lose, but you can.

on 1/5/22 9:23 am

Hi, Which revision procedure did you have?