Revision w successful weight loss?

Dayna B.
on 1/10/22 11:53 am - Clearwater, FL

Hi all,

I was banded in 2006 and have successfully maintained a weight loss of about 100 lbs since then, sitting at about 5'5", 175 lbs now. The problem is, the band has given me digestive issues since the beginning, and it has continued to get worse in the last year. I can never tell when I am going to have an issue digesting, I have started waking up in the night with an acidic stomach, and these things cause me to have very poor eating habits. I am sure I have kept off the weight because I just eat very little.

I would like to see a surgeon about a revision, but am afraid that I would be told I could not have it replaced because my BMI is too low. My concern is that if the band is removed, I may revert to old habits and wind up gaining the weight back over the next several years.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, were you able to replace the band with another bariatric option?

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on 1/12/22 6:58 pm

ask your dr for a barium swallow, you most likely have reflux...and possibly other things. if so you should qualify for revision as your lap band was medically necessary I assume. check your specific insurance policy

If you have a specific question for me, PM me or I will not see it, as I don't check responses on the forums and don't have anything forwarded to my email.

on 1/13/22 12:21 pm
Revision on 11/12/21

Hello! I had a VGS in 2013 and just this past November I had a sleeve revision to a RNY due to complications since a pregnancy in 2019. I've gone from 254 to 225 since my surgery, and I feel like I'm losing weight soooo much slower since the last time. I seem to lose a few pounds and then not lose any for like 8 days..and then lose a little more. I also feel like I can eat more than I should be able to. I'm not pushing it, and I watch what I'm eating, but I feel like I should be getting full much quicker. Is it possible, the surgery didn't work like it should of? Is that even a thing? Could my pouch have stretched already? I'm just a little freaked I guess, because the recovery was A Lot more painful this time around, and I don't want this to fail! Anyone have any knowledge or advice?

White Dove
on 1/14/22 5:01 pm - Warren, OH

When we have our first weight loss surgery, we go from a stomach that can hold at least as much as a 2-liter bottle of soda. That big stomach is reduced down to not much more than the bottle cap on the 2-liter bottle. We get full very quickly and lose very quickly.

But as the years go by, we manage to eat enough calories to gain weight even with a very reduced stomach. The revision might have taken you from a eight ounce stomach down to a four ounce stomach, but that is a a very little difference. So there is no drastic change in the amount of food that it takes to fill up.

Most people graze during the day, eat high calorie foods in small amounts, drink with their food, and lose very little after revision. The only way to lose weight now is to count calories and burn calories. It takes 10 calories per day to maintain one pound. If I want to stay at my goal of 136, I aim for 1360 calories a day. If I start eating 160 calories a day, I gain back up to 160. it is easy to and just an extra slice of bread or a few cookies will send my scale soaring up.

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on 2/21/22 10:29 am
VSG on 04/16/15

I can attest to the grazing! I had lap band in 2010. It was defective. It sprung a leak, and the clip came off the port. In 2015 I revised to sleeve (against my doctor's recommendations of RNY.) Fast forward....I have had reflux since waking up from that surgery, and it is getting worse. I have finally started the process of going to RNY. It is going to be a long one due to safety reasons of other health issues. I am seeing a hematologist for a blood clotting disorder that is genetic. All of this stuff has come about since I hit 48 years old. I am now 52. We thought we had it under control, and I was taking eliquis. I was still recommended to get the covid vaccine and was told the eliquis would keep me safe. I got the moderna vaccine and within 1 week of the 2nd shot had blood clots in my popliteal and femoral veins of my right leg. I ended up on 120mg lovenox for 2 weeks and am now on warfarin. My surgeon says they deal with hypercoagulation every day, and there is absolutely no reason to delay moving forward, and I can be peaceful and confident about this decision, and I am. BUT the grazing is REAL!!! I look forward to meeting with the nutritionist to get tips to stop this! lol.

on 2/26/22 10:52 am
VSG on 10/31/13

Oh man that's so frustrating! I think the feeling is different between the surgeries. So with the sleeve we feel super super full and then with the bypass you might not get that same exact feeling due to the way your "new" stomach is. From what I understand with out the valve on the bottom of the stomach you don't achieve the same stop full feeling if that makes sense.

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